The Top 10 Urinary Incontinence Products

Sample these top 10 urinary incontinence products.
Are you in need of urinary incontinence products? Not sure where to start? At The CareGiver Partnership we not only sell the well known brands sold in most stores, but we also test and offer brands used by professionals and a range of brands from European countries including Italy, Sweden, Denmark and more. 

In fact we offer 677 different incontinence products, more than 10 times what the big stores offer.

This might seem a little overwhelming, but don’t worry, we have your back? You can try our Incontinence Product Finder to sort through the products to find what you need. Need personalized attention? We can do that too. You can speak with one of our ladies who are highly knowledgeable about all the products we offer. They've all been caregivers to loved ones themselves.

Still unsure? Well we have that covered too. If you want to make sure a product is right for you before investing in a care, you can try before you buy with our sample program. You can find more details here.

But let’s give you some information to help you figure out which of the top 10 urinary incontinence products you want to sample. These are the top 10, and this is based on laboratory testing, field testing, company data sheets and consumer input. This list comprises the most absorbent products in our opinion and experience.

Wellness Briefs Superior Signature Series

This is one of the most absorbent briefs we offer and is perfect for overnight use, travel or any time the wearer needs to go long periods of time without change. It absorbs up to 100 fluid oz. - way more than other briefs. And can you up to 70% as they are more cost effective than other briefs because only 3 changes are required per day.

The super-absorbent Incontek® technology makes these disposable underwear the driest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly adult diaper brief available.

Designed using the same principles as the Maximum Absorbency Garments (MAGs), developed by NASA. The absorbent core used in this underwear were featured on Discovery Channel’s How Stuff Works and are designed to last 8-12 hours using NASA inspired multi layered InconTek® technology similar to designs used by astronauts in space for long missions.

Abena Abri-Flex Protective Underwear

Abena Abri-Flex protective underwear are perhaps the finest pullups available anywhere. Made on new state-of the art equipment at Abena's factory in Denmark, these pullups offer superior absorbency, comfort and leakage protection. The cloth-like outer covering is not only breathable but also incredibly soft to the touch.

Tranquility All Through The Night (ATN) Brief

These provide leak proof protection, fewer changes and improved skin health. Its superior absorption capacity provides wearer confidence and saves money because fewer changes are needed compared to the ‘big brands’ found in stores.

Prevail Extended Use Brief

Designed for extended or nighttime use. Prevail is the #1 brand used by professionals throughout North America. The extended use brief is their most absorbent product.

Attends Breathable Bed Pad

An All-In-One Solution for both bed protection and user protection that reduces the need for multiple underpads

Dignity Extra Double Duty Booster Pads

These provide added protection and can help extend the amount of time a primary absorbent product can be worn. They are the heaviest, most absorbent pads. Use as a thick double booster pad, or cut into two single booster pads and layer multiple pads for extra protection. Use only with another disposable product such as pull-on underwear, briefs or absorbent pads.

These liners provide discreet, secure protection for accidental bowel leakage (ABL) for both Women and Men. Provides 2X the absorbency of any other anal leakage pad. Has gentle adhesive that stays in place for comfortable protection. 90% of users say Butterfly® pads help protect them from light accidental bowel leakage.

SoSecure Swim Brief

Don’t let incontinence stop you from doing what you love! If you're incontinence and want to swim, SoSecure is your answer. This is designed to be worn next-to-skin, under a swimsuit for adults, teens and children with incontinence. It is a 'containment' product rather than an absorbent product.

Depend Silhoutette Underwear for Women

These are without question the most "underwear like" Depend pullons ever. They are smooth fitting and really look and feel like real underwear. That's why they call them Silhouettes. They cost more than regular Depend pullons, but many customers feel they are worth it for the discretion they provide.

Depend for Men Real Fit Briefs (Pull-On Underwear)

The first protective underwear that look, fit, and feel like real underwear. Comfortable cotton-like fabric, and an elastic waistband, and yet still provide maximum absorbency for total protection where men need it most, with an ABSORB-LOC core and worry-free odor control. Perfect for the active man who wants to visit the gym without shame.

Medline Protection Plus Super Protective Underwear

This disposable underwear features the "pull up" design that gives the comfort and feel of underwear. Anti-leak guards provide for maximum containment. Ultra-absorbent core helps keep moisture away from the skin and controls odor. This is a professional brand not typically found in stores.

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