Don't be caught with an incontinence product
that doesn't provide the absorbency you need. 
One of the biggest challenges in managing incontinence is making sure you don’t have leaks or accidents especially when you are least expecting it! I found myself in the store the other day in a line which was to long and my incontinence underwear didn’t provide the absorbency that I needed. I had to rush from the store as urine streamed down my leg. My embarrassment turned to horror when I reached my car and saw I had soaked through the clothes I was wearing. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common as many people find the incontinence product they are using does not provide the absorbency they need. 

For many women (and men) who are dealing with incontinence they tend to stay at home and try to manage it as best they can. However, you may be surprised to find that among the 25 million people who are dealing with various forms of incontinence, there is a majority of people who hold jobs, have active social lives and hobbies they want to participate in away from home. Having the right incontinence supplies can help you or someone in your care continue to live life to the fullest and not have incontinence hold them back. For many women Depend Underwear for Women with Maximum Absorbency can be the right choice.

Three key reasons Depend Underwear for Women Maximum Absorbency can be the right incontinence product to help you manage your needs are:
  • Depend Underwear for Women with Maximum Absorbency provide the highest level of protection-The maximum absorbency means you won’t be worrying about leaks or accidents. This allows you to go on with your daily activities while still managing your incontinence. They have a comfortable cotton-like fabric, and an elastic waistband, which makes them easy to wear but still provides maximum absorbency for total protection. The extra absorbency is built right into the incontinence underwear so you can wear them with peace of mind.
  • Depend Underwear for Women with Maximum Absorbency is less expensive then Depend Silhouettes for Women. Incontinence supplies can be costly and consumers want to make sure they are spending their money on the right incontinence products. The CareGiver Partnership offers Depend Underwear for Women with Maximum Absorbency, one of over 450 incontinence products. People buying incontinence products for the first time spend $130 in trial and error mode trying to find the best product for their needs. You can avoid this costly mistake with their ‘Try before You Buy; sample service.
  • Depend Underwear for Women with Maximum Absorbency are designed to fit the shape of a woman’s body. Depend understands that men and women have very different needs when it comes to incontinence supplies. Depend Underwear for women will provide protection where a woman needs it most eliminating the worry which can come from an ill-fitting incontinence product. This incontinence underwear features comfortable oval-cut leg openings and protection where a woman needs it most. They are also very feminine looking and easy to get on and off -- making them a great choice for the woman on the go. 
The CareGiver Partnership has eliminated the frustration which can come from trying to find the incontinence product. They have developed the Free & Easy Incontinence Product Finder. It saves you time, money and frustration by making it easy to sort through hundreds of products - fast. If you have questions you can call 800-985-1353 and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists. The call center is staffed by women age 55 and older who are all current or former caregivers themselves and are highly knowledgeable about the products offered.

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