Penile Pouches For Male Incontinence

A pouch can be a great solution
Are you suffering from male incontinence? This is a condition that many males are embarrassed about and often do not like to speak about to others. However there are a variety of quality incontinence supplies on the market that you can choose from that will be able to make managing your condition easier and can prevent you from feeling embarrassed about incontinence. One of the popular products used to manage male incontinence is to use a penile pouch.

For individuals with limited mobility, a penile pouch is a great option as it is basically an external catheter that is easy to change out and manage. Caregivers often find them to be quite beneficial as they are easy to remove compared to adult diapers as they need to lift their loved one and this can be quite difficult.

There are many penile pouches on the market so you much look into the various brands and sizing of them to find one that will give you a secure and snug fit. Without the right fit, there can be a lot of issues with urine leakage and other concerns.

This is how some men feel...
A penile pouch is often referred to as a condom catheter or a penile sheath. They look similar to a condom as they will fit over your penis and have a small tube that is connected to a collection bag. The bags come in a variety of sizes to allow for overnight use, all day use or just for a few hours. Using some medical adhesive you will be able to attach the penile pouch to your body securely so it can capture the urine and then it is easy for you to change it out when it become full. Most individuals that use the penile pouch will have the collection bag fastened to their leg.

A penile pouch is a great option for some men but for the individuals that have problems with penile retraction, a penile pouch will not work. This is because the condom will slip off the penis, causing urine leakage. If you have this problem you need to consider using adult diapers or other incontinence underwear instead. This will help you to manage your condition without embarrassment and the supplies look quite similar to the underwear you are already used to wearing, making it quite discrete.

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The good thing for caregivers is that the penile pouch does make your life easier and your loved one may not feel as embarrassed as you can easily remove the bag and replace it versus needing to change out their underwear several times a day. You should show them how to change the bag on their own so they can still feel in control of their own body. Nursing homes often use them for their patients that can be slightly mobile and do not wish to have a catheter used. Many men that use the penile pouch report that they are quite comfortable and it gives them about 12 hours of protection. This is great for traveling as you won’t need to stop as frequently and you also do not need to worry about packing multiple adult diapers and other incontinence supplies. As long as you get the right size and you understand how to change out the pouch, you will find that they leave you drier and will not leak.

If you are caring for a loved one that has dementia, a penile pouch might not be the best option. Dementia patients can get confused quickly and they could end up tearing the bag off their body, leaving a large mess for you to deal with. You also need to worry about skin rashes and infections if you are caring for a loved one that has male incontinence. It’s a smart idea to consider using other incontinence products like adult diapers or incontinence pads instead as they are not as confusing to your loved one.

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