What Causes Male Urinary Incontinence?

25% of those who are incontinent are men
Millions of people will suffer from incontinence with about 25 percent of the individuals being males. There are likely more males that suffer from incontinence but it is not reported by the men that are suffering from it. Since it is such an embarrassing condition for many men, talking about it with their doctor may not be an option for them. However it is important to understand what causes male urinary incontinence to make sure it is not a symptom of an underlying condition. Since males typically do not deal with incontinence issues like women do, it is a serious problem that you need to pay attention to. There may be prostate problems that are very serious that need to be addressed by your doctor and you may even be in a situation where you need to have surgery.

Improper contractions
Male urinary incontinence is often caused from improper contractions of the bladder. The reason this is occurring may be a result of the following:
·         Cancer of the bladder
·         Bladder infection
·         Bladder inflammation
·         Enlarged prostate

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In order to know what type of treatments are available for your issues with male incontinence will be start by seeing your doctor. They will do a physical examination and check for a number of issues. Depending upon what the doctor finds you may need to have additional testing like an ultrasound and even an EMG.

Depending upon how much your incontinence problems are interfering with your lifestyle your doctor may recommend surgery or they may recommend some other things like using exercises to help improve your ability to control urine leakage. Using the right type of incontinence products can also help as they will allow you to go out and enjoy your traditional lifestyle without feeling embarrassed.

If you have a bladder infection you will need to use antibiotics and other prescription medications to treat the infection. You will need to go back to your doctor for a urine analysis in about 7-10 days to ensure that the infection has been cured. If it is not taken care of it can end up leading to severe problems like a kidney infection.

Your diet may be to blame for your issues with male urinary incontinence. If you are drinking too much water or you are drinking a lot of caffeine, it is common for you to have incontinence problems. These fluids will stimulate the bladder and this is why you could be dealing with a lot of issues. Talk to your doctor about the foods that can cause incontinence problems to get worse. Reduce or eliminate them from your diet so you will end up having more control over your bladder.

Samples to try before you buy
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Bladder training
A great way to treat your incontinence problem is by learning to train your bladder again. You need to focus on gaining control over your bladder again by using a retraining program that will help you to teach the bladder to hold in urine and when to release it. Kegel exercises are another thing that will be able to help you train your bladder effectively in order to give you a chance to gain control over the muscles that hold in the urine.

Incontinence products
Always purchase a number of incontinence products that will be able to help you manage your condition. Incontinence pads and adult diapers are commonly used. Always purchase incontinence supplies for men as they are created specifically for your body to hold in the urine that leaks out of the body. Try out several different incontinence products to know that you are buying the right ones for your needs.


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