Incontinence Products For People With Limited Mobility

Incontinence Products for those with limited mobility

Choosing incontinence products can be challenging for many people as there are limited options in the stores and it isn’t exactly a condition that you do hear a lot about, making it hard for men and women to figure out how to find incontinence products.  One thing you do need to be aware of is that incontinence products for women are very different form incontinence products for men. The padding and absorbency is different as is the fit and feel that it will provide you with.

What happens when you are dealing with limited mobility in addition to your incontinence? You need to search for incontinence supplies that will be able to protect you for longer periods of time and you also need to seek out products that will be easy for you to change out. Some of the products include Velcro on the sides so you can easily remove them where others are pulled onto your body like traditional underwear. When you are looking for incontinence products it helps to get a sampling of several different incontinence products so you have options to choose from. You want to try out many different adult diapers, pants, liners, and other things in order to know that you are getting the best fit for your body. The goal of quality products will be to pull the urine away from the skin, helping to keep you dry and will be able to prevent skin rashes and serious infections. Proper care of your genitals is vital when you have incontinence as it could lead to serious problems that may even require hospitalization.

Depending upon your limited mobility you may be able to find relief with incontinence pads versus the adult diapers. The pads are very easy to change out, making them a simple solution if you do not have a lot of mobility and it is hard for you to move to the restroom every time you need to replace your pad. One smart product to consider is to look for the incontinence underwear that has the drop-front or side openings. These type of drop openings are a lot easier to change out and you won’t need to deal with the issues that can easily happen when you have to pull your pants on and off.

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Caregivers often appreciate the incontinence products that come with the drop front or drop sides as they are much easier for them to change out. Urinary incontinence products come in a variety of styles as you have some that include protective liners that hold tight around the skin to prevent leaks where others are pads that are placed in your traditional underwear, making it quite discrete that you are dealing with incontinence.

Consider purchasing some incontinence bed pads to protect your bedding. With limited mobility it is hard to get to the restroom on time and it is common for many people to have accidents at night. The protective incontinence bed pads can keep your mattress safe and make it much easier to clean up after the mess of an incontinent person.

Depending upon how limited your mobility is or the mobility of a loved one that you are caring for, you should consider looking at alternative options like a penile pouch system or even a catheter. Patients that are bound to their beds will need to use a catheter or another system to help them manage their incontinence problem. It is still a wise idea to purchase other incontinence supplies to make the clean up easier and to also help in the prevention of skin rashes and other conditions.

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