The CareGiver Partnership Joins Forces with Faces of Spina Bifida Magazine

by Lynn Wilson, Co-Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

The CareGiver Partnership has partnered with the new online Faces of Spina Bifida magazine to help people around the world successfully manage physical challenges.

As part of a new partnership, customers of The CareGiver Partnership will benefit from new online magazine Faces of Spina Bifida’s expert resources on managing the birth defect. Faces of Spina Bifida will offer its readers news and reviews on the latest, most advanced products for managing incontinence with dignity and normalcy.

As a company built on helping people manage incontinence and other challenges, we look forward to our new collaboration with Faces of Spina Bifida magazine and its publisher, Alyson Flynn.

Faces of Spina Bifida is an online magazine celebrating diversity among people living with this rare birth defect affecting the spinal cord. The news-aggregating site reposts spina bifida stories published around the world, creating a platform for people of all ages to chronicle their lives, share inspiration and make connections.

Kids growing up with spina bifida may go years without meeting someone else living with the condition. Parents raising a child with it may wonder about their child’s future success,” says Alyson Flynn, publisher of Faces of Spina Bifida. “By placing all the stories in one location, readers are provided a view into a spina bifida lifestyle never seen before.”

Articles on the site encompass research, legislative and healthcare news; personal stories and blogs; links to resources and videos; event news; and a marketplace offering helpful services, books and other products. The online magazine receives letters every week from readers who are thankful they’re not alone, and Flynn responds to each.

Incontinence is one of the many challenges faced by those with spina bifida. Included in The CareGiver Partnership’s 500+ incontinence products are new advancements, such as washable incontinence products and the SoSecure Swim Brief, a unisex undergarment for adults and teens that can be worn under swimwear.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 1,500 babies are born with spina bifida each year in the United States. Physical and cognitive side effects range from mild to severe; however, with quality medical care, most people with spina bifida are capable of leading full, productive lives.

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