Urinary Sheaths For Male Incontinence

Are you or a loved one suffering from male incontinence? Male incontinence problems require different products to help you treat and to properly manage your condition. Many men do not like to report to their doctor about their issues with incontinence, which can make it hard for caregivers as you may not know what type of struggle you are up against. It is important to look into a variety of incontinence products for men in order to make your loved ones condition easier to manage and to help them maintain their dignity. One product that many men prefer to use when they are dealing with incontinence is a urinary sheath. Urinary sheaths are effective and they are very convenient for patients to use in order to gain control over incontinence.

What is a urinary sheath?
A urinary sheath is a body-worn device that will end up collecting the urine that leaks from the body. They are commonly used by men that have severe incontinence problems, many of which are in nursing home facilities or they are homebound.  A urinary sheath looks like a condom as it will fit snugly over the penis and there is a small tube that connects to the sheath. The tube will move the urine from the sheath into a urine collection bag.

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Types of urinary sheaths
There are many different models and types of urinary sheaths. Meet with your loved ones doctor in order to find out which one may be the best for them. You can also try out some various types of urinary sheaths to see which is the most comfortable for your loved ones but which ones are also the easiest for you to change out. Some of the urinary sheaths have leg straps that they are secured to so they will not move. Others have a small collection bag that remains in the underwear. There are daytime ones and larger ones that can be used overnight. If you are worried about it filling up you can even purchase a sleeve that will provide extra collection.

Using urinary sheaths
Like any other incontinence product that you are using you need to make sure you are properly taking care of it. You need to remove the bag and properly dispose of it and change the bags frequently in order to prevent odors along with skin rashes, infections and other things.

What you need to know about urinary sheaths
In order for urinary sheaths to work effectively you need to make sure that you are getting the right fit. It they are too big or small, urine can easily leak out or the device might even fall off. Having the right fit will also prevent skin rashes and even urinary tract infections as well. Use the sizing guidelines from the manufacturer in order to purchase the right type of urinary sheath for your loved one or for yourself. Every manufacturer has their own sizing guideline so you need to make sure you check it for everyone as it changes and you don’t want to end up with the wrong size.

Samples to try before you buy
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Why use urinary sheaths?
Some people look at the urinary sheaths as a system that is hard to maintain but they are actually quite manageable just like any other incontinence product on the market. One of the main benefits to using a urinary sheath is that you have 12-24 hour protection. This is great if you are planning to travel on an airplane or you are dealing with limited mobility problems. Another benefit you will find to a urinary sheath is that they are quite affordable. You just need to replace the bag as the rest of the system can hold up for quite a long time.


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