Adult Diaper Review - Top Six Brands

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Are you looking for the best adult diaper to manage incontinence? Why not check out the top six.  Abena, Tranquility ATN, TENA super brief, Attends, Depend and Prevail. Here we will list information about each of the products to help you with your research as you look for incontinence products that will give you back your dignity. One great way to find products is to try out some samples.

Watch this video.  How to choose the right incontinence product.  Abena
These adult diapers offer great coverage and they have a plastic backing, giving you that extra protection you need from leaks. They are the most absorbent on the market. You also have a lot of comfort with these diapers as they allow more air into the diapers and give you a chance to really breathe. If you don’t like plastic you can choose from some that have a paper backing. These diapers are quite discrete and they are great for anyone wanting to avoid embarrassment from incontinence. The disposable diapers give less irritation to the skin and they don’t cause you to feel hot when the weather gets warmer. Without a lot of noise to them, no one will be able to detect that you are wearing adult diapers and you can maintain your dignity. Imported from Denmark. Tranquility ATN(All Through the Night) These diapers are created to last all through the night. This makes it easy for you to rest without worrying that you will soil the bed. They are thicker but they are a little thinner from the Abena brand, which can be preferable to some people. They have two re-fastenable tapes on the sides, making them easy to adjust. There is a peach absorbent core in the inside, making them ideal if you have heavy incontinence problems. The fitting is a little different from others so it is a good idea to buy a couple of sizes to see which one fits best and to make sure you aren’t pinching your skin. The downside is the diaper can sag if you wear it for multiple incontinence episodes. Made in the U.S.A. by a family run company. TENA super brief Most people offer great reviews for these briefs based on how absorbent they are and how discrete they can be. The bad thing is the odor control isn’t very good. Most users recommend it for at-home wear but don’t wear them in public because they aren’t great at controlling episodes outside the home. They do an okay job at night and they are better for smaller individuals than larger people or those dealing with heavy incontinence. TENA is made by SCA, the largest global manufacturer located in Sweden. Attends
Out of all the adult diapers and briefs out there, this is one that really works well. They are durable, comfortable and come with a nice waistband and good padding. They don’t have a leak shield like other brands but the extra protection makes them one of the best on the market. To purchase them follow this link:  A big pro to these adult diapers is the six adjustable sides and the odor protection they can provide for you.  Attends we're invesnted by Proctor and Gamble which sold the brand.  They are now part of pulp company. Depend briefs There are many different styles of Depends but the briefs do stand out as one of the best. Great for night time leakage problems and they have several colors to choose from, making them more like the normal underwear you are used to wearing. They have wetness indicators and a good elastic waistband system to help keep them in place along with good leg gathers as well. Depend (and the incontinence category) were invented by Kimberly-Clark in 1978, originally test marketed as the Conform brand. Prevail briefs These briefs are much better from their disposable products and are great for heavy incontinence problems. They feel much more like cloth and are nice to have with the discreetness they can offer for the secure fit and fecal containment zones. Great for odor protection and moisture control. Prevail is made in Penn. by First Quality Products a family run company. Prevail is now the largest selling brand in North American. To learn more about incontinence and to find quality products click on the following link:
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