Modern Day Incontinence Products

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Gone are the days of the bulky adult diaper! Today's incontinence products are more absorbent & less bulky than the days of old. The new adult diapers provide extra layers of protection compared to the old adult diapers and they are gender-specific. This means you will actually have protection because you aren’t being forced into a one-size-fits-all diaper. In the past people thought that the way to control the amount of urine being lost was to purchase a diaper that was incredibly thick. These old cellulose-based incontinence products rarely provided the protection that people needed because they would end up leaking and they were quite bulky.

For very light incontinence
The modern day incontinence products are thinner and even more absorbent than the old adult diapers were. They will rapidly absorb the urine and will remove it from the skin, allowing air to come in and dry the skin and reduce the likeliness of a skin rash. The new products have some cellulose but they also have a super absorbent polymer, which can absorb 50 times its fluid weight! This allows you to wear the diapers longer so you aren’t needing to change them out and it allows manufacturers to create the diapers in a number of different absorbency needs and styles.

Watch the video.  How to choose the right incontinence product.

What else is nice about the modern incontinence products? We aren’t adding as much toxic waste to the environment. The thinner incontinence products reduce the amount of garbage that needs to be tossed and this means we aren’t adding as much waste to landfills or needing to make extra trips to the dump to toss our excess waste. If you want to be really friendly to the environment, try using the washable adult diapers. The washable adult diapers work great and they save you a ton of money compared to the disposable diapers. You will also find that they are much more comfortable and that you don’t have the feeling of embarrassment with them as they do not make noise the way some of the disposable diapers do.

Boxer style for men.
No one has to know.
Some people find it embarrassing to wear adult diapers. If you are among this group you need to find some products that will allow you to discreetly wear the products and to prevent others from being able to detect them. Here is a link to find the right type of products to help you discretely manage your incontinence issue:

Trying out several different products give you the best option so you do know what feels good to you and what you really like. Since everyone’s bodies are different and everyone has different financial needs, finding products that will effectively treat your unique condition provide you with the best results possible. To learn more about incontinence and to understand what type of incontinence you may be dealing with click here:

The nice thing about the modern incontinence products is that they are discrete but they have so many different styles to choose from. You can find fashionable adult diapers that come with patterns, making it easy for you to hide your condition for anyone! You can also try pads if you don’t like diapers and these pads attach right to your regular underwear, allowing you to feel “normal” as you don’t need to buy special underwear.

Some people prefer to use incontinence products that come with anti-odor needs, which can also provide you with a number of benefits as well if you can smell the urine. Incontinence doesn’t need to be a problem anymore and it doesn’t need to be something that you are embarrassed about thanks to the large selection of modern day incontinence products on the market.

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