Here's Why Incontinence Affects Many People of All Ages

Incontinence effects all ages
Incontinence is a topic that is rarely brought up in public conversations however; you may be surprised to know that there are millions of people who must deal with this problem.

More surprisingly incontinence is not something that just affects the old, ill, and bedridden but rather people of all ages, both genders, and varying health status. This makes it crucial that anyone who is suffering from incontinence understand that there is a wide variety of incontinence products available to help them. Incontinence sufferers can buy incontinence supplies from online sites that offer adult incontinence products. These incontinence supplies range from incontinence underwear that fits children to adults; incontinence pads that can be worn with or without incontinence underwear, adult diapers, and other needed supplies. 

Incontinence before toilet training is an accepted reality of life but once a child becomes toilet trained this loss of control is often met with shame and embarrassment. It is important to stress that incontinence is a medical problem that can afflict anyone of any age. There is a wide variety of reasons why this could happen but most are medically based. This makes it crucial that when anyone of any age begins to experience incontinence symptoms that they seek out a medical evaluation. Your doctor can then determine the underlying cause of the incontinence, diagnosis the type of incontinence, and then recommend the appropriate treatment. Keep in mind that the sooner the symptoms of incontinence are reported the faster and easier the treatment will be.

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It may be surprising to learn that when children and teens are dealing with incontinence they have many of the same feelings and face many of the same situations as an adult with incontinence would. Children and teens can often suffer from incontinence because of some of the following reasons-
  • Slower physical development
  • Anxiety
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Sleep apnea
  • Constipation
  • Improper diet
While incontinence is less common in children, teens and younger adults, it grows more common as we age. However, it should never be believed that incontinence is a normal part of aging. Rather incontinence is often a result of medical conditions that become more common as we age. Many times older adults are told that they need to just learn to live with their incontinence. This is simply not true. First and foremost the underlying medical cause should be treated as well as the incontinence symptoms. If a doctor refuses to take your incontinence seriously or tells you they are a part of growing older you should take this as a red flag and move on to see another doctor.

Many older adults suffer from incontinence from the following reasons-
  • Pregnancy and childbirth-Both of these events can cause damage and a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Hormonal changes that occur at menopause.
  • Untreated diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Prostate problems
  • Neurological illnesses and conditions
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia
  • Medication side effects
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The bottom line is that no matter how old you are there are management strategies to help you deal with and live with incontinence. While you seek out treatment for your incontinence symptoms you can use a wide variety of incontinence supplies to help you continue to live a normal and full life. These incontinence products can help to keep the incontinence sufferer dry, comfortable, and feeling confident throughout their day. To find out more about all aspects of incontinence please visit

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