My Mom Is Not Eating Well, What Can I Do?

One question caregivers often find themselves asking is how to make sure their loved one is eating properly. Malnutrition is a serious problem amongst seniors, and can lead to a lot of negative consequences, from being more prone to illness, to poor healing, easy bruising, lengthy hospital stays, and more. When a parent or loved ones is not eating well, it is important to understand the physical, social, an psychological factors that may be contributing to their problem.

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Factors that may be associated with not eating properly:
  • Diet restrictions- One factor that might be playing a part in poor eating is dietary restrictions placed on seniors. As they age and face health problems, they might be directed to change their diets, limiting things like salt, fat, protein, sugar, etc. This can make it difficult for them to prepare foods for themselves, and often leads to inadequate eating.
  • Health concerns- Often health issues lead to nutrition issues. Health problems can cause decreased appetite, difficulty in chewing or swallowing, poor nutrient absorption, diminished sense of taste or smell, etc. Medications can impact appetite, etc.
  • Limited income- Seniors are often on fixed incomes, and may have trouble affording healthy foods, groceries, etc. This is especially true if they are taking expensive medications, or have unexpected expenses come up.
  • Social interaction is limited- Reduced social contact can lead to poor eating. Meals are not as enjoyable when eating alone. Dining is often a social event, and a lack of social contact can lead to loss of interest in cooking and eating.
  •  Depression- Psychological problems with grief, loneliness, poor health, lack of mobility, etc, can lead to depression, which often has a side effect of loss of appetite. 
If you want to make sure your parent or senior loved one is eating well, address the various concerns that may be leading to their poor eating, and then provide them with healthy, good tasting meals.

Mom’s Meals is a great option for caregivers that do not have time to prepare meals for their senior loved ones, do not live close, or have other commitments on their time and energies, but want to make sure their senior is eating fresh, healthy, and good tasting meals. Here are some of the benefits of Mom’s Meals:

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  • Delivered to the door- The meals are shipped to the senior’s home by FedEx or USPS, and the driver can even carry them to the kitchen upon request.
  • Affordable- The cost is $5.99 per meal, plus shipping, which is $14.95 for ten, fourteen, or twenty-one meals.
  • Good tasting- Recipes are created by professional chefs. The company is family owned, and they state that their meals “need to be tasty enough to serve to our own family because to this day, our own moms still get our meals”.
  • Healthy- The menus offer options for restricted diets, and the meals are created by nutritionists with specific senior health concerns and needs in mind.
  • Variety- There are 6 different menu types , and 70 options- Mom's full menu, heart healthy menu, diabetic friendly menu, Renal menu, Gluten free menu, and a vegetarian menu. Seniors can choose the dishes that appeal most to them.
  •  Easy for seniors- The meals can be prepared a number of ways, but three minutes in the microwave is the easiest and most convenient. They stay fresh for 18 days in the refrigerator (40°F), due to break-through Fresh-Lock packaging.
  • Fresh, not frozen- They are totally fresh, no frozen ingredients. This means better taste and better health. 
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