Nighttime Safety: Preventing Falls With Lighting, Furniture Arrangement, Etc.

Preventing Nighttime Falls
One of the biggest challenges when caring for the elderly is putting measures in places that will help prevent nighttime falls. Nighttime safety can be a major challenge when you are caring for an older family member, friend, or patient. Many times these seniors will arise from their bed being slightly disoriented and without the proper care having been taken may then experience a devastating fall. These falls can result in serious injuries, and life-changing and chronic medical problems. In addition, these falls often mean significant medical care is needed and can result in a loss of independence for the senior. For these reasons, it is crucial that those who are caring for the elderly educate themselves about nighttime safety.

Experts state that with the proper planning and safety measures put into place the risk of nighttime falls can be significantly reduced and the safety of the senior significantly increased. Whether you are a live-in caregiver, or are just worried about your elderly parent or friend, here is what you should know about nighttime safety and preventing falls with lighting and furniture arrangement.
  • Let there be light-lots of it! One of the major problems in nighttime safety is a lack of light. This can be eliminated with the installation of motion sensor lights. These motion sensor lights are easy to find and affordable to buy. They have built-in sensors that can detect when someone is passing by and will turn themselves on lighting the path of the senior. They can be placed strategically for lighting to the bathroom, kitchen, or any other place in the home, that the senior may desire to go to after they have awakened.
  • Placement of the furniture is critical-While everything can seem in place and working just fine during the day furniture placement can be critical during the nighttime hours. When arising from the bed many people are slightly disoriented and can be dizzy. If a clear path has not been established by careful furniture placement, seniors can find themselves colliding with furniture, and slipping and falling. It is important to take a critical look at furniture placement, and determine if it could be an obstacle for a senior who is getting out of bed during the nighttime hours.
  • Assistance where needed-There are a variety of products that can assist the senior who is getting up at night. Safety bars and handles can be installed at the bedside to allow the senior to pull themselves up safely and avoid the possibility of slipping while getting up out of bed. Encouraging your elderly loved one to use these devices and give themselves a moment before standing can also help them orient themselves and prevent falling. Many of these types of products can be purchased at where their knowledgeable sales specialists can help you determine the best product for your senior’s needs.
  • Eliminate the need to get up if possible-Many seniors have to get out of bed due to the need to use the bathroom. If this is a concern then there are products that can be used bedside eliminating the need to get up out of the bed. Urinals (for both males and females), bedpans, and other products, can be placed bedside and allow the senior to take care of their personal needs without having to actually get up. This reduces the risk of falling since the senior does not have to leave their bed to take care of these needs. At they offer a wide variety of bathroom assist products that can help your senior and keep them safer from falls. 
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Home Instead Senior Care, San Jose said...

Great tips in here! Preventing falls among seniors is something a lot of our Caregivers struggle with and the tips you've listed will be great to share with them.

If you get the chance, check out a recent blog we posted on how to prevent falls - not just at night - but any time of the day.

Thanks for sharing,
Brian Jackson

Drew said...

Where you place your furniture has a large effect on how easily you can move around so it's important to be aware of trouble areas around the house. That, combined with having the proper furniture for who lives in the house, will be the safest options for your loved one.

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