Free Caregiver Resource Helps Boomers Find Simple Devices to Make Living at Home Easier and Safer for Aging Parents

A newsletter for family caregivers with information on everyday devices and gadgets they can use to make living at home easier and safer for older adults and adults who are aging with disabilities is now available free of charge to employers, health and social service agencies and other organizations to distribute free to their employees, clients and customers.

TOOLS for Independence is the first publication of its kind to address the growing need of caregivers for this kind of information. The monthly four-page newsletter is published by the Independent Living Partnership (ILP), a Riverside-Calif.-based nonprofit, and delivered to organizations each month by email in a pdf format for redistribution. Each edition is customized to include the distributing organization’s name, logo, a brief tag line and full contact information.

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“More than 50 million people are caring for a chronically ill, disabled or aged family member or friend, and Baby Boomers especially are being hit with the challenges of caregiving for aging parents,” says Michael Carbine, TOOLS editor. “Employers, public agencies and other organizations can help meet these challenges by giving the newsletter to their employees, clients and customers. It’s a fast, handy and convenient way for caregivers to find inexpensive assistive devices that will help their aging parents or loved ones live more easily and more safety at home. And best of all, it’s free”

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Each full-color issue of TOOLS for Independence contains 12 to 14 brief articles on inexpensive gadgets, products and low to no-tech assistive technologies that caregivers can use to help them take care of their loved ones. Each article includes information on where to get more information on the product and how to order it. Also included are comments by readers on how well a device or gadget actually works, and how readers have improvised to meet special needs when no assistive devices are available.

The newsletter links to a dedicated Web site ( with a Resource Center containing useful information and links to sources of help on assistive technology, caregiving and independent living. The Web site also includes an archive of back issues of TOOLS and a blog by TOOLS editor Michael Carbine. Features are being added to the site, including a forum where people can exchange ideas and opinions on currently available assistive devices and how they have improvised in the absence of assistive devices.

Neither ILP nor distributing organizations endorse or recommend any of the products mentioned. The newsletter does not contain advertising, and ILP does not derive any revenue from companies whose products appear in the publication. ILP is seeking sponsors to help support the cost of the newsletter and Web site.

About the Independent Living Partnership.  The Independent Living Partnership is a 501(c)3 organization working for the rights of all to live independently in their homes and communities. ILP is a co-convener of the California Assistive Technology Coalition and operates the nationally acclaimed TRIP volunteer driver program. More information is available at  Contact: Michael Carbine  (951) 653-0740 ext. 23

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About The CareGiver Partnership. Lynn Wilson founded The CareGiver Partnership based on her experience in caring for loved ones as well as providing the highest level of customer service. She takes pride in offering personalized service that helps her customers find the best solutions for their individual needs. Now that her children are grown, Lynn enjoys spending time with her granddaughters while also helping to care for her mom. To find out how The CareGiver Partnership can serve you, call 1-800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST.


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