Why you should have an emergency kit full of incontinence supplies

Incontinence Supplies emergency kit

There are many different issues when it comes to managing incontinence. When many people begin experiencing incontinence symptoms they first begin setting up routines and management strategies for dealing with their incontinence at home. These routines can be anything from finding the right incontinence supplies to retrofitting their home to be more conducive to dealing with incontinence. However, few people can remain housebound to deal with their incontinence. Besides being unhealthy most people have other places that they need to go and travel to despite having incontinence. The only option for dealing with having to leave home is to have a way to manage incontinence when you are away from home. However, if you have a plan and are confident with your incontinence management strategies an emergency kit will help you to deal with incontinence while maintaining your normal daily activities.  Here is why you should have an emergency kit full of incontinence supplies-
  • It all starts with a plan-Like everything else incontinence management starts with having a plan. You need to carefully consider what you need when you are going to be away from home. Once you have your home fully stocked with the incontinence products that you need you can then begin creating emergency kits that will help you no matter where you are going to be. Whether you use adult diapers, incontinence pads, or some other type of adult incontinence product you need to be sure that you have plenty on hand to keep what you need at home stocked as well as creating several different emergency kits. You should also learn the logistics of wherever you will be using your emergency kit(s). The reality is that having an emergency kit will do you little good if you don’t know where the appropriate restrooms are or other facilities that you may need to use. With the use of the internet you can check out these details of virtually any place that you will be going to.
  • Have an emergency kit that is appropriate to where you are going-It is also important to determine where you may need an emergency kit. Many people like to have an emergency kit that they keep in their car but you may need others, as well. If you are trying to manage incontinence and have a job you may need one that you can keep at work. A small bag that can be tucked into a desk drawer can help you make sure you have what you need at work. If you are planning to travel you may need an emergency kit that can be carried onto a plane. If you plan to go out socially you may need an emergency kit that can fit into a socially appropriate bag. By carefully considering your lifestyle you can then determine what type of emergency kit that you need and how to pack it.
  • Know what to pack in your emergency kit-It is important to realize that you may need several different incontinence supplies inside your emergency kit. You should pack at least a couple of changes of whatever type of incontinence undergarment and/or incontinence pad that you use. Many people also include: cleaning supplies, gloves, disposal bags, and a change of clothing. This way you can always be prepared for any leakage or accident that may occur. Also there are many different options when it comes to what you can pack your emergency kit in. Keep in mind that if discretion is what you want then choosing a bag that will blend in with your surroundings is the best option.


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