Prevail Boxers

Prevail Boxers

Just because incontinence is not uncommon, does not make it any less embarrassing for those that suffer from it. Many men find it emasculating to wear pull on underwear, and as a result, avoid places like club locker rooms, gyms, and other places or people who might notice their adult incontinence underwear. Many men are looking for solutions, ways to maintain dignity while handling their incontinence problems.

Prevail boxers are the latest and greatest in incontinence products for men, and the first of their kind in the world. This new and innovative product is made in the USA by the leading brand of incontinence products in North America. It is sure to add dignity and style to the life of men with incontinence.

Prevail boxers are designed specifically for men with moderate to heavy incontinence. They offer leak protection and extra absorbency in all the right areas for men. However, what really makes them special is that no one will even be able to tell that the wearer has on an incontinence product. Now, men with incontinence can visit the gym, their favorite club, or wear tight fitting pants with confidence. Locker rooms will no longer be a source of embarrassment. With confidence restored, men with incontinence can rediscover some of their favorite hobbies and places that they may have avoided due to incontinence.

No man wants to wear something that looks like an ordinary pull-on, and Prevail boxers don’t. In fact, they look and feel just like regular boxer style underwear, yet are as or more absorbent than regular pull-ons. They fit close, do not have bulk, and resemble any traditional pair of boxer shorts. They are designed with a masculine, light gray pattern, and a cloth like fabric that looks and feels very much like boxers should look and feel.  They are soft and comfortable, and fit nicely even under tight fitting jeans.

To pre-order this great incontinence product, or try a sample, visit to learn more. We offer samples 2 for $3.49 S&H, or can put you on a list to be notified when this new product hits the shelves. We believe that choosing the right products to help manage your incontinence can help you maintain the kind of life you want to lead, without frustration or embarrassment. Call us at 1-800-985-1353 to be added to the list for Prevail boxers for men.


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