All about using incontinence products and keeping your skin healthy

Incontinence Products

Keeping the skin clean and healthy for anyone who is dealing with incontinence can be a major issue. This is even more important for those people who need care giving since they often can not take care of this themselves. Knowing how to prevent skin breakdowns for yourself, or someone in your care is crucial if you are trying to manage incontinence. The good news is that there are certain tips that can help you do that. By using your chosen incontinence product correctly as well as consistently using the proper skin care techniques you can avoid skin breakdowns that can lead to serious and even life threatening infections for yourself or someone in your care. Here is all about using incontinence products and keeping your skin healthy-
  • Get the right incontinence product-A major issue in managing incontinence and keeping skin healthy is using the right incontinence product. Many people become overly worried about incontinence accidents and tend to use too much incontinence protection. If you are using an adult diaper when you could be using an incontinence pad then the skin that you are covering may come in contact with urine when it doesn’t have to. This can begin to break down skin and make it prone to serious infections. You should make sure that the incontinence product that you choose offers the right level of protection. This way you are only exposing the skin that you absolutely have to. Remember, that not all incontinence is the same and some people may need much lighter protection then someone who has a complete loss of bladder and/or bowel control. Using the right level of incontinence protection is the best way to keep rashes, skin breakdowns, and infections from happening.
  • Get the right size of incontinence product-Many people do not understand that fit is an integral part of the effectiveness of any incontinence product. If the incontinence product does not fit the wearer then chances are high that he or she will experience gaps which can contribute to leaking and accidents happening.  Because of this it is crucial that when anyone chooses an incontinence product that the fit is just right. In addition, when the incontinence product fits right it will work better to wick moisture away from the skin which is a major factor in keeping skin healthy. The good news is that virtually any line of incontinence products offers a wide range of sizes so that everyone from the smallest to largest individuals can find the right size of incontinence product to help keep their skin healthy.
  • Get the incontinence product that allows for air circulation-It should be noted that there are major differences in incontinence supplies. Some incontinence undergarments may be highly absorbent but not particularly good at air circulation. It is crucial to choose an incontinence product that will give you the level of absorbency you need while still allowing air to circulate in order to keep your skin healthy.
  • Get skin care products that protect the skin-The skin that can be affected by incontinence is usually very delicate. This is even more so if the person is older. This makes it crucial to use incontinence cleaning products that are specially formulated for use on the delicate skin that can be exposed to urine or fecal matter. These skin care products are made to be gentle, are hypoallergenic, and can be found on sites that offer adult incontinence products. Because skin can be easily damaged these incontinence cleaning supplies can be one of the first lines of defense in managing incontinence and keeping skin healthy.


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