What are male incontinence products?

Male Incontinence Products

When most people think of incontinence they assume that it is a problem that only affects women. However, while the majority of incontinence sufferers are women there is a sizeable percentage that is male. This has lead to the develop of male incontinence products. Manufactures of incontinence products have come to understand that men have very different needs from their incontinence supplies then their female counterparts. Today, men who are struggling with managing incontinence can find incontinence supplies for men that range from incontinence pads to adult diapers. Best of all, these male incontinence products can be bought at sites that offer adult incontinence products which makes it easy to shop from the privacy and comfort of your home or office. Here is what you need to know to answer the question- What are male incontinence products?
  • Incontinence pads for men-The only association that many men have with pads is those of the menstrual sort. However, there are incontinence pads that are designed to help men manage their incontinence.  This type of incontinence pad is extremely different from menstrual pads.  These incontinence pads are designed to give protection and absorb urine where men are most likely to leak it. Many men find that using a incontinence pad inside their normal underwear is all they need to manage their incontinence. These incontinence pads can protect clothes, minimize odor and protect skin.
  • Drip collectors for men-Another type of incontinence pad for men is known as a drip collector. This can be helpful for light incontinence or occasional leaking. A drip collector is a padded sheath that is highly absorbent and goes around the penis. However, it should be noted that some men find them uncomfortable to wear. This can be extremely effective in preventing urine leakage from being a problem.
  • Guards for men-If the incontinence is more severe the man may want to consider using an guard. A guard is like a very thick and absorbent incontinence pad that bends up and around the penis. It works just like the name suggests and guard against leakage and accidents. However, some men find this incontinence product difficult to wear under normal clothing.
  • Adult diapers for men-For more moderate to severe incontinence an adult diaper may be the right choice in an incontinence product. There are many different types of adult diapers. Many men first think of an oversized baby diaper when they consider using an adult diaper. However, most men are surprised to learn that adult diapers for men actually come in styles that look and feel surprisingly like normal underwear. This means that you can continue on with your normal activities without fear of being found out that you are wearing an incontinence undergarment. Some men even wear them when changing in a locker room with full confidence.
  • Penile clamps-For some men the penile clamp is the most effective incontinence product that they can use. Penile clamps are also known as external compression devices and work by temporarily closing off the urethra and stopping any leakage. Keep in mind that the device is not supposed to be uncomfortable however, it should not be used for more then a couple of hours at a time due to the risk of injury.
  • Incontinence under pads-Another incontinence product that men should consider using that is not gender specific but can be effective in managing incontinence is the incontinence under pad. This pad that can be either disposable or washable can help to protect bedding and furniture. Many now come with tabs that help to keep it in place and prevent it from bunching under the person when they sit or lay down.


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