Depends Diapers – The Forces of Supply and Demand

Depend Diapers

Many clients that purchase Depends diapers often wonder how supply and demand work in the adult diaper industry. This article will discuss how those forces work at individual sites. The article will discuss how a client places an order, how the product is shipped, and how quality issues are addressed throughout the industry. The article will look at both the micro and macro implications of how diapers are dealt with throughout the adult incontinence industry. Diapers are very important to most hospitals and care operations that service sufferers of incontinence. If you work for a company that manages people with incontinence, buying Depends is important to their overall well-being.

Buying adult diapers online is a great way to see a large selection. There are many places that sell incontinence products but it is important to look around and to find the right type of company to work with. Depends diapers can be sold directly from the company or through other distributors.

Depends works very closely with its clients to make sure that each client always has an adequate supply on hand. Depends has models that help predict how many diapers a hospital goes through on a daily basis. However, this formula is not perfect. Hospitals and assisted care facilities have populations that fluctuate on a daily basis. This is an important statistic that helps both the care center and provider determine what the nature of demand is before they begin planning a shipment. At the care center, an inventory clerk will count the number of cases on hand. They will take this inventory to a supervisor and compare it to the number of patients that are currently being taken care of at the facility. The supervisor, a manager, will then use a computer program or make a guess to determine how many diapers they will need to ask for in the next shipment.

Enterprise planning software plays a very important role in this process. Depends has a web application that is available to franchised care providers, hospitals, and nursing homes. This web application is very useful in the sense that it allows hospitals to order their diaper supply directly. Depends prides itself on being able to interact with its clients on the Internet. Many incontinence companies only take phone or fax orders to replenish their clients’ supplies. Depends makes its inventory available online so that care centers and specialists can determine what is available and what needs to be ordered. Depends diapers will take phone and fax orders, but the Internet is the standard way of doing business in the healthcare sector.

Depends will receive an order from a client and begin filling it right away. The online order form or paper order form will tell the distributor how many cases of each product are needed. If a product is not in stock, the distributor will look at another center to see if that center can send that supply to the center that needs it. This system makes it so that diapers can be delivered to a hospital or nursing home in a very quick amount of time. Diapers are so important to the daily operation of a care facility that Depends is willing to spend a bit more money to fill an order from a distributor that is not within close proximity. Depends has set its shipping and ordering system years ahead of its competitors.

As always, Depends cares very much about positive interaction with its customers and clients. If there is ever a problem with an order, the distributor will work with a client to rectify the shortcomings of that order. The distributor will then work with the client to make sure that reasonable compensation is made for any mistake that may have arisen with an order. Depends has one of the best shipping and ordering systems in the industry today and stands by the enterprising system that it has worked on with hospitals and nursing homes to implement. Depends diapers are high quality and it is very important to get those diapers to the customers that need them.


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