How to minimize odors when wearing Depends

Minimizing odors

One of the most important decisions that anyone will need to make after being diagnosed with incontinence is what type of incontinence product to use. One of the most widely used and popular lines of incontinence products comes from Depend. The Depend line of incontinence products offers Depends for men, Depends for women, Depends diapers, Depends undergarments and Depends underwear. This wide range of choices in incontinence supplies allows the person with incontinence to find just the right incontinence product to meet their needs.

However, finding the right incontinence product is just the first step in helping to manage incontinence. There are many different issues when it comes to incontinence management. For many people one of the most pressing issues is minimizing the odors that come with incontinence. Many people are so worried about incontinence odors they begin to feel like they can’t leave home or venture out into the world.  This can cause embarrassment and stress but the good news is that there are ways that you can handle this issue. Here is what you need to know about how to minimize odors when wearing Depends-
  • Choose a incontinence product that offers odor control-The Depend line of incontinence products offers odor control. This means that there are chemicals inside the Depends incontinence products that will help to neutralize that odors that are associated with incontinence. Whatever type of Depends undergarment that you choose to wear you can know that you will receive protection from the embarrassment that can come from wearing an incontinence product without odor protection.
  • Drink water-Many people try to deal with their incontinence by cutting back on how much they drink. This is always a mistake. Keep in mind that if you become dehydrated your urine will smell stronger because it is more concentrated. In addition, it should be noted that drinking less does not make your incontinence better and can in fact make it worse since your concentrated urine becomes a bladder irritant and puts you at risk for bladder infections.
  • Make dietary changes-Many people are surprised to learn that what they eat and drink can significantly affect the odor of their urine. There are certain foods and beverages that should be avoided in order to minimize the odors that come with incontinence. Not drinking coffee or eating food like asparagus can help to lessen the odor that comes with urine. It is important to talk to your doctor about any dietary changes when dealing with incontinence.
  • Practice good hygiene-It is very important that if you are worried about the odors that come with incontinence that you practice good hygiene. Making sure that you are staying as clean as possible can a go a long way toward making sure that the odors that come with incontinence are not noticeable to others. It is also important to not only make sure that your skin is as clean as possible but your clothes as well. There are a number of different cleaning products that are made to deal with incontinence. Many of these incontinence cleaning products can be taken on the go (wipes, small bottles etc.), so that the incontinence sufferer can clean up at any location.
  • Try deodorizing supplements-There are many different types of supplements that can lower the pH of the urine and reduces the smell. Most of these supplements contain ascorbic acid. While there are commercial products you can take there also use non-citrus juices such as: cherry, pear, cranberry and apple. Simply drinking these juices on a regular basis will not irritate your bladder but can make the smell of your urine less noticeable.


Anonymous said...

hi! at time's I have a problem with not making it to the bathroom at times when I get intestenal cramps and make a bowel movement on myself. can you Please make the briefs with odor control? please this way we can prevent the embarrasing moment of the fecal odor. I'm sure that many others as myself have the same problem, and would love to purchase the New Depend's with odor control.
Thank you.

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