What are the options when using Depend incontinence products?

Options using Depend products
Studies show that incontinence is a far more common problem then most people realize. This means that there are a great number of people who are looking for an incontinence product to help them manage this problem. While there is becoming more support and treatment options available for those with incontinence the first management step is finding an incontinence product that will help those who are dealing with this problem be able to manage it. Many people are hesitant to discuss this intimate problem but the reality is that there are more options then ever before when it comes to the types and styles of incontinence products that you can use. One of the most popular and widely used lines of incontinence products comes from Depend.

The Depend incontinence product line offers many different options for incontinence sufferers. Some of those options include: Depends for men, Depends for women, Depends undergarments, Depends diapers and Depends underwear. This means that there will be an options for all sizes of people, both genders, and different levels of incontinence severity. It can not be stressed enough that there is not one incontinence product that works for everyone but rather each person with incontinence will need to find the right incontinence product for their needs. This makes it important that any person with incontinence try out a number of different incontinence products. Because the Depends incontinence product line offers so many different types of incontinence supplies this is much easier. Some people will be able to simply use a incontinence pad for light incontinence while others may need to use a Depends diaper for moderate to heavy incontinence. This will depend on what level of incontinence a person has and what their needs are in terms of lifestyle and activity level. 

It is also important to realize that incontinence products come in a variety of different styles. The Depends line of incontinence products also offers multiple styles so that the person with incontinence can choose what’s right for their needs. Depends undergarments come in a variety of absorbencies as well. You can find incontinence products from Depend that include: light to moderate protection, heavy protection, and overnight protection. This will help anyone who is dealing with incontinence find the right level of incontinence protection for their needs. Keep in mind that your protection needs may vary from day to night or even from day to day. This means that you may want to have a combination of different Depends undergarments on hand to meet your needs. The good news is that there are several online sites that will offer samples for a minimal shipping fee which will allow the incontinence sufferer to try out several different incontinence products before committing their money to what they need. You can find many different Depends undergarments that come as samples for you to try.

Whether you try Depends underwear or Depends diapers there are certain tips that can make sure that you are getting all you can from your incontinence products. These tips are-
  • Keep your skin as clean as possible-It is important to keep your skin free from contact with urine and other waste matter. If you fail to keep your skin clean you are putting yourself at risk for painful rashes and infection. There is incontinence cleaning products that can help to keep the skin clean and protected. Caregivers will need to be especially vigilant about this for patients with incontinence who cannot clean themselves.
  • Make sure that your Depends undergarment fits-Many people overlook the fact that the fit of their incontinence undergarment is crucial to the protection that it will provide. If your Depends diaper or Depends underwear does not fit properly you will not get all the incontinence protection that you need.


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