How to use incontinence undergarments to help manage incontinence

Managing Incontinence

Many people feel overwhelmed when they are first diagnosed with incontinence. They often think that because they have this problem they can no longer continue on with their normal lives. This is partly due to the stereotype of those with incontinence as being old, ill, and bedridden. However, you may be surprised to learn that people with incontinence come from a variety of age ranges, both genders and many different levels of health. This has led to the creation of incontinence undergarments that can be used by people who are working, socializing, traveling, and taking part in many different activities of life. Here is what you need to know about how to use incontinence undergarments to help manage incontinence-
  • If you have incontinence and you have a job-Incontinence is not a problem just for people who are not working or retired. There are many people who need to be able to use incontinence undergarments and manage their incontinence. The good news is that this is possible. The key to successfully managing your incontinence at work is to have all of the tools that you need. First and foremost, you must choose the right incontinence undergarment. Ask yourself the following questions-Can you wear your incontinence undergarment under your work clothes without anyone noticing? Do you have the facilities at work that you will need to change your incontinence undergarment? Do you have somewhere at work where you can have an emergency kit that is full of your incontinence undergarment, other incontinence supplies, and an emergency change of clothes? Will you need to talk to your boss about taking extra breaks or moving closer to a restroom? Once you have a plan in mind about how you will manage your incontinence at work you will be able to be effective in doing so.
  • If you have incontinence and you want to travel-If you have incontinence there is no reason to think that you won’t be able to travel. The key to being successful at managing your incontinence and traveling is like anything else, you will need to have a plan. As you plan your trip you should first make sure that you have plenty of the incontinence undergarment that you usually use. You don’t want to get where you going only to find out that you can’t buy the incontinence underwear or adult diapers that you regularly use. While it can be more of a hassle to bring your own incontinence supplies it can make your final destination a lot more relaxing. In other words you can spend your time having fun rather then trying to track down your incontinence supplies. Finally, you should carefully research your mode of travel and your final destination to make sure that you know where available restrooms and changing facilities will be. Once you know what to expect it will make traveling while managing your incontinence a lot easier.
  • If you have incontinence and you want to participate in physical activities-Another misconception that many people have when they find out they have incontinence is that they assume their days of physical activity are over. However, the reality is that most doctors highly recommend that their patients with incontinence get plenty of regular exercise and other physical activity. Today, with the wide variety of incontinence undergarments there is no need to stay home from the gym, the rock climbing wall, or whatever other type of physical activity you want to enjoy. Many types of incontinence undergarments actually look and feel like regular underwear so changing in the locker room, wearing sport clothes, and other aspects of being physically active shouldn’t be a problem.


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