Poise Pads And The Importance Of Composure

Dianna Malkowski
Physician Assistant
Poise pads are very important for women who suffer from incontinence. People who suffer from incontinence lose their composure because their incontinence takes away from their self-esteem. This article will discuss Poise pads and how they can help you overcome your lack of self-esteem that is essentially due to your incontinence.

1. Poise pads are only for those who suffer from a light incontinence problem. Severe incontinence is often the result of a long-term medical condition. If a person is not able to move due to paralysis, a Poise pad is probably not the best option. Poise is very happy to provide free samples of its product. If you get to take your Poise pad on a test drive, you will find out if it is a good fit for your or not. A Poise pad is very useful for helping a person deal with urinary incontinence. Taking Poise pads for a test drive does not require any financial commitment on your part

2. Poise pads are a lot better for people who want to engage in physical activity. Poise pads go into your regular or special underwear and are not noticeable through your clothes. Sometimes, physical activity can exacerbate an existing incontinence condition and make your lose your composure on the court of play. If you have pads, a sleek, thin, and invisible pad that will keep you from having to stop playing will protect you. Your accident will not be noticeable to your playmates.

3. Poise pads protect you from developing an unsanitary condition. If you are wearing no protective pads at all, you will likely develop a rash from the liquid waste that will seep into the clothes you are wearing. Poise pads are made with a special absorbent material that captures the liquids from urinary incontinence. The liquids are instantly taken into a cloth layer that neutralizes the danger of getting a rash.

4. Poise pads are affordable. People who have light incontinence do not wet themselves as often as people who suffer from more severe types of urinary incontinence. If you are only in danger of wetting yourself on a court of play in sports, you may only need pads when you are active. Pull-ups and diapers are expensive. When you buy Poise pads, you are able to get the amount that you need. They do not need to be replaced as often as diapers or other types of incontinence products.

These are the reasons for using Poise pads. Women benefit from these products directly because they help deal with light incontinence. About one third of women will suffer from bladder leakage throughout their life and Poise pads are designed to help them deal with this issue. Poise pads are cheap and they can replace the big bulky diapers that many women think that they have to wear. Women have a difficult time with incontinence because it is something that no one wants to talk about. Thankfully, Poise manufactures a pad that is intended to help women overcome their bladder problems.

Poise pads are very effective for helping you make it through a long day at work. Many women dread having to sit through long meetings and deal with their bladder control issues. Their light bladder problem is not a challenge for a Poise pad and having a Poise pad will help them overcome the worst types of bladder leakage. Your Poise pad will help you develop all of the different kinds of strategies that you need to make it through a workday or physical activity when you have incontinence. Incontinence doesn’t have to change your life and Poise pads bring an added level of security when you have a bladder control problem.

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