How to choose incontinence underwear

Incontinence Underwear

One of the first decisions that anyone with incontinence needs to make is choosing some incontinence underwear. While not everyone will need an adult diaper most people with moderate to severe incontinence will need to choose some type of incontinence underwear to help them manage this condition. This can be an overwhelming task due to the large number of choices that are available in incontinence products. There is a variety of incontinence undergarments that run from bikini styles all the way to adult diapers. Those with incontinence will need to take certain factors into account before they make their choice as to what incontinence supplies they will be using. Here is what you need to know about how to choose incontinence underwear-
  • Start with the size-Many people don’t realize how important size is when it comes to incontinence underwear. It cannot be stressed enough that size is crucial to how effective the incontinence underwear will be. If the incontinence sufferer does not have the right size of incontinence underwear then he or she will be prone to leakage and accidents. Today, incontinence underwear has all sorts of features that will protect the wearer if the size is right. Leg cuffs, guards, and even waistbands that fit right will allow the wearer to feel confident that he or she has the right amount of protection. Most lines of incontinence products from incontinence pads to adult diapers are sized which means even the smallest and largest people can find the right size of incontinence underwear to meet their needs. Smaller individuals no longer have to feel like they are “swimming” in their incontinence underwear while larger people can be comfortable and protected, as well.
  • Consider gender-At one time most kinds of incontinence underwear was unisex. This led to most wearers having to take a chance as to whether or not their incontinence undergarment was going to give them the protection they needed. Today, most incontinence underwear is designed for a specific gender. Manufacturers of incontinence supplies understand that men and women have very different needs when it comes to incontinence underwear so they have designed incontinence underwear that meets those needs. Each gender can find incontinence products including incontinence underwear that has the protection where they need it. In addition, many lines of incontinence underwear are designed with the sexes in mind as far as how they look. Many women don’t want to have to give up wearing feminine looking underwear and men often want incontinence underwear that can be worn under normal clothing (even worn in the locker room), and be undetectable as incontinence underwear. There are many different types of incontinence undergarments that address this need for fashion, as well.
  • Understand the severity of the incontinence-Finally, anyone who is purchasing incontinence underwear needs to consider the severity of the incontinence. The reality is that not all incontinence is the same. Some people have only light leakage while others will have a complete loss of bladder and/or bowel control. The good news is that almost all incontinence underwear comes in a variety of absorbencies which means that wearer can choose the right absorbency that they need. You should keep in mind that if you are purchasing incontinence underwear for yourself that you may need a different absorbency at night and you may find even find that your incontinence protection needs vary from day to day, as well. However, no matter how tempted you are to go with the heaviest incontinence absorbency you should only use the level that you need. Using to much incontinence protection can be bad for your skin and just as ineffective as using to light of incontinence protection.


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