Why Abena diapers are considered the finest adult diaper

Abena adult diapers

One of the most difficult decisions to make when a person is first diagnosed with incontinence is finding the right adult diaper to use. Many people feel that they will be stuck with an oversized baby diaper and constantly having to worry about leakage and accidents. This is not true. Today, manufacturers of incontinence products understand that incontinence is a common problem and affects people of all ages, both genders and varying health status. To meet the needs of people with incontinence there has been a great step forward in developing adult diapers that will meet the needs of those trying to manage their incontinence while still living a full and active life. Abena diapers are one of those brands of incontinence products that do this. Here is why Abena diapers are considered the finest adult diaper by many people-
  • Abena diapers come in a variety of different sizes-This line of adult diapers runs from small to extra large. It cannot be stressed enough how important the fit of any adult diaper is related to how well it works. The makers of the Abena diaper understand this and because of this they offer a wide range of sizes to fit a variety of people with incontinence. This means that even the smallest and largest individuals can find an Abena diaper that fits them.  The bottom line is that if the adult diaper that anyone is wearing does not fit, the wearer is at risk for leaks and accidents. Abena diapers will provide you with the size that will be comfortable and provide you with the highest degree of protection.
  • Abena diapers come in several different levels of absorbency-The reality is that even if you are wearing a adult diaper for incontinence protection you may still need varying level of absorbency. Abena diapers provide their adult diapers with different amounts of absorbency to meet the needs of the wearer. All Abena diapers come with leak guards and a top layer that will wick the moisture away from the skin and the top layer of the adult diaper which not only leaves the skin dry but the adult diaper feeling dry, as well. Abena diapers are also made with a double core which means that they can not only absorb liquid faster but hold a lot more. This process has also been found to minimize the odors that are associated with incontinence.
  • Abena diapers are made to be comfortable to wear-The manufacturers of Abena diapers understand that many people are looking for an adult diaper that can be worn under normal clothing with comfort and discretion. Abena diapers can help you do that. The cloth like outer covering is very soft to the touch and breathable which makes it easy to wear. There is also no rustling so the wearer does not have to worry about others knowing that they are wearing an adult diaper. Abena diapers have a high number of elastic threads which means they keep their fit as the wearer goes throughout their day. Finally, there is a unique, patented elastic system in the crotch area which helps to keep the adult diaper from gapping open and leaking.
  • Abena diaper are highly effective in helping to manage incontinence-There are a number of different features that make Abena diapers an effective tool in helping to manage incontinence. Each Abena Diaper comes with a wetness indicator that is discreetly located. This way the wearer can check to see if the adult diaper needs to be changed without having to remove the entire adult diaper. In addition, each Abena diaper can be easily identified with the color coded printing.


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