How can I tell whether my father's incontinence after his stroke is temporary?

Managing incontinence in your loved one can be a very challenging process. Many caregivers often have a lot of stress that they are dealing with because of how hard it can be to prevent urine leakage from their loved ones. In fact incontinence is one of the biggest reasons why children decide to place their elderly loved ones into nursing care centers and other long term care facilities. Caring for your incontinent father can be very stressful because of how defiant he may be after a stroke. It is hard for them to grasp certain concepts and they may not understand you as well because of brain damage they may have suffered after the stroke.

In order for you to help you incontinent father you need to understand what incontinence is and if his incontinence is going to be permanent; It is encouraging to learn that in about 60 to 80 percent of cases incontinence can actually be cured. This is very exciting news for caregivers. However stroke patients tend to have a longer road back to complete recovery or much recovery at all. Working with their doctor is the best thing you can do in order to help them regain control over their muscles and to retrain the brain on how to gain muscle control. There are some daily exercises you need to do like Kegel exercises to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These are important for balance and to stop the flow of urine. When they are able to strengthen these muscles they may start to feel leakage and can quickly stop it and get to the restroom. This requires only a pad or a very thin adult diaper; It will help them to maintain their dignity as they start to regain muscle control and can start improving their condition.

Soon after a stroke caregivers will need to focus on helping their loved ones a lot with their restroom needs. It is not uncommon for you to go in and wipe for them and to help them stand up and sit down. You should consider installing some safety bars and other safety devices in the bathroom in order to make their life a little bit easier. Disposable diapers are great ways to help improve their condition throughout the day so they don’t have accidents on the furniture.

It is also a good idea to keep your father active. Take him outside for walks and focus on helping him to get his muscle strength back. Keeping them active and physically fit can increase their lifespan but also it will improve their quality of life. This is also important for you as well since you need to stay in shape to have the stamina necessary to care for your aging father. Stoke victims have a long road to recovery and it will be very stressful on you and your health. Exercise and healthy eating can help you to cope with your stress that accompanies being a caregiver.

The worst time of incontinence will be soon after the stroke. As they start to recover from their stroke they may gain more control over incontinence. Make sure you have a number of different products to help you out; This is the best way to find products that are comfortable to your loved one but will also be convenient for you to work with.

Speak to their doctor often about their incontinence problem so you can try and find out if this is going to be a permanent condition. Sample products are the best option as you move through different stages of incontinence with your father; .

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