How can I get my grandmother to change and dispose of her adult diapers regularly?

Disposing of Adult Diapers

Are you the caregiver to your grandmother? If you are, you likely deal with a number of physical limitations and other things that she has. One of the most stressful may be dealing with incontinence. Incontinence is when an individual loses control over their bladder and it may tend to leak or release urine without warning. For most people this is a very embarrassing condition and they may withdrawal from social situations as they are so concerned over having an issue in public. It can increase their risk of falls and may also increase the rate of depression among the elderly as well. As a caregiver to your grandmother it is important to purchase products that are comfortable and will be convenient for her to use;

If you have been able to get your grandmother to actually wear a diaper, you have already made some big steps! Now comes the hard part, getting her to change and to dispose of her diapers regularly. It is almost similar to the potty training of a child as it takes a lot of patience and time to do. You will need to work with her often and really help her understand how important it is to clean her genitals and remove the urine from her body; Wearing a urine soaked diaper is not only smelly it is also very bad for her health. It can easily cause her to have a urinary tract infection and a painful skin rash.

While you do not want to be hostile, you are going to need to talk to her about it. She may be a little embarrassed or may refuse to talk about it with you. If this happens, schedule an appointment with her doctor so they can flat out tell her that she needs to change her diaper. Sometimes it helps when an outside party intervenes with matters like incontinence. The doctor can go over some of the serious conditions that can occur if she will not change the diaper. They can gently explain it to her and they may also talk to her about the smell that arises and how our sense of smell tends to go down as we age and this is why she may not be noticing that her diaper smells.

In some cases your grandmother may have a left-over mentality from the Great Depression in which she tries to be really frugal and doesn’t want to waste the diapers and the money that it costs to buy them. If she is having a hard time because of this, it is a good idea to consider purchasing some washable adult diapers. This may be a smart way to get her to frequently change her diaper as she doesn’t feel like she is wasting money this way. Use this helpful tool in order to find a number of great washable products that will help;

The nice thing about the washable adult diapers is that they do tend to look and feel more like normal underwear. This may help her keep her dignity as she doesn’t feel as though people can tell she is wearing them. Reassure her of this as it will really help her to feel comfortable when wearing her incontinence underwear. Purchase several samples for her to try out in order to see which type of underwear she likes the best;

Caring for a loved one that has incontinence is a very sensitive matter to them. Be aware of her feelings and know what she is comfortable discussing with you and what matters need to be discussed with a doctor if she feels embarrassed or becomes hostile when you try to approach her.

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