New Tools for Long-Distance Caregivers

Take advantage of new information management tools and services that make today's caregiving a bit easier.

In today’s mobile society, the elderly are often separated geographically from family members, and not being present for important doctor appointments and decision-making meetings can be just as difficult for the absent family members as it is for their loved ones. However, there are online and mobile resources available to help those in long-distance caregiving situations — resources designed to provide families and health care professionals with current, accurate information and support.

Online Health Database
When a loved one has a medical appointment, is there one family member who’s always in a frenzy, trying to compile the necessary paperwork and notes on daily meals, activities and medications? You may want to consider taking charge of your loved one’s health records, storing them in an accessible, online database where members of a family or caregiving team can share the information.

The Me & My Caregivers Personal Health Organizer and Communications Hub is one such online service, providing instant access to medical records, health history and daily logs. Secure and HIPAA-compliant, the service allows the patient to invite up to 20 others to be part of his health care team.

The site also can be used by young, healthy people to store their own personal health records. Subscribers can record daily entries on weight, exercise, calorie intake, medications and health history, then print the logs before doctor appointments.

Visit Me & My Caregivers for more information on monthly or yearly subscriptions or how to obtain group rates. U.S. Veterans subscribe for free. Included with a subscription are free caregiving and advance-directive forms, printable checklists, and a complimentary emergency wallet card, for quick access to a patient’s history, medications and directives.

Mobile Health Information
As any caregiver can tell you, caring for an elderly loved one, whether from nearby or afar, can take its toll physically, emotionally and financially. Just as smart phones are used to help manage the rest of life’s responsibilities, there also are mobile applications designed to help with caregiving.

One such application is Caregiver’s Touch, which aims to help manage care via mobile organizational tools. Users can enter, update and securely store information online, such as insurance records, medication regimens, account numbers and doctor appointments. Data can be synchronized to an iPhone for on-the-go access, or shared online with family members via a Web subscription. Caregiver’s Touch can also be used to help organize family calendars or care for a child with special needs.

Users can choose from a Web subscription, iPhone application or both. Visit Caregiver’s Touch to try a demo and find out how to get a free 60-day trial.

Making Computers Simple and Easy to Use for Seniors
Another useful tool for long distance caregiving is a simple piece of software that installs over a computer’s operating system, making it super simple for the elderly to send and receive mail and pictures, play games and go on the Internet. There are literally only five buttons to click on. Learn more and try it for free.

Your Attitude as a Tool
The success of your long-distance caregiving situation starts with you. Remember, you will not be able to do everything for your loved one, and trying to do everything when it’s not realistic will only make you miserable. But you can (and should) ask for help, whether it’s from family members, friends or local organizations. Set healthy boundaries for yourself, and communicate your expectations and limitations to the rest of your family.

Freshly Prepared, Home Delivered Meals
For those who can't get out to purchase groceries or can't prepare them due to a post operative condition or handicap, home delivered, freshly prepared meals may be the answer.

The CareGiver Partnership has teamed up with Mom's Meals to help caregivers and their loved ones.  Mom’s Meals are individually created by a chef and registered dietician to ensure the meals have the right nutritional value for seniors on regular diets, or those needing low sodium, low fat, gluten-free, vegetarian, or low carbohydrate options.

Each meal is just $5.99 plus shipping.
  • Less than pizza delivery and much healthier - plus you save on the high cost of gas.
  • Mix or match – choose only what you like to eat.
  • Convenient home delivery is a flat $14.95 for 10, 14 or 21 weekly meals. 
  • The cost per meal for the 21 meal plan including convenient home delivery is only $6.70.
The company is family-owned and each of its meals are based on nutritional guidelines which specifically meet the needs of the elderly. 

Menus may be customized from dozens of options and meals are delivered in packages that stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 14 days.

Now you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your parents are eating well every day.

To Order Call 1-866-825-6067 
Free Meal With First Order! 
Call and mention "caregiver" 
Order Online and enter code 'caregiver'

About The CareGiver Partnership. The CareGiver Partnership is a national direct to consumer retailer and caregiver resource providing support, convenience and old-fashioned customer service to those caring for a loved one. The company’s website provides the largest online library of resources on subjects which are most important to caregivers and offers more than 2,600 homecare products. Product specialists answer the phone within three rings and assist in helping customers choose just the right product. The company also offers its patent-pending automatically scheduled delivery service, Never Run OutSM which ships supplies automatically based on need. The CareGiver Partnership was founded in 2004 by Lynn and Tom Wilson of Neenah, Wisconsin. Visit to learn more.


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