Choosing Proper Bedside Assistance

You will want to ensure that you choose the proper bedside assistance for them based on the level of care that they require.

If the loved one that you are caring for is bedridden due to illness or lack of mobility, one of the most important features of their care is going to be bedside assistance. You will want to ensure that you choose the proper bedside assistance based on the level of care they require. Even seniors who are not bedridden can use some types of bedside assistance, it allows them to remain independent for a longer period of time. The important thing to remember is that choosing proper bedside assistance means you need to evaluate what your loved one can and can’t do. Choose the products that will help them remain independent, but also the products that will ensure their safety.

One product that comes in handy for bedridden patients is an inflatable hair shampooer. This is a great bedside assistance product to choose because it allows you to wash your loved ones hair without having to lift them out of bed. When choosing this product, you want to look for one that is durable, but comfortable. To ensure that it is comfortable look for a contoured neck rest. You also want to make sure it comes with some type of drain hose, so there is no risk of spilling the water all over the bed when you are done washing their hair.

Bedpans are a something that most elderly patients can use, whether they are bedridden or not. The bedpan can be reusable, or you can purchase disposable ones. The disposable ones are more sanitary, but can end up costing more over time. There are many different styles of bedpans to choose from, there is the style you find in hospitals, but there are also urinal style ones for men and women. You can also find ergonomic bedpans. Choosing a bedpan is more a matter of preference than anything else, so it might take a few tries to find the one that works best for your loved one.

Bed rails are a necessary product for most senior citizens. One of the reasons that having a bedside rail is so important for seniors is that it makes getting in and out of bed easier and safer. When choosing bed rails you will want to choose an adjustable bed rail that is supportive. Make sure it can support a person’s weight. You also want to find a bed rail that easily folds down and out of the way so that you can have unimpeded access when needed. The bed rail should also be adjustable in length. Choosing an adjustable length bed rail allows the bed rail to serve two purposes, it keeps your loved one safely in bed when it is extended out, and when it is pushed back in it can serve as a handle to assist them in getting out of bed. Other features to look for when choosing a bed rail are reversible bed rails so they can be used on either side of the bed. You also want them to have a safety strap on it so you can secure the bed rail to the bed. You can also find portable bed rails if you and a family member take turns in caring for a loved one, or for travel.

When choosing proper bedside assistance, you want to visit a store or site that offers a wide variety of products, you will be able to compare different products to choose the one that works the best for you and your loved one. The Caregiver Partnership offers a variety of bedside assistance products that you can choose from, they also offer the convenience of having the products shipped directly to your door as needed.

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