Caregiving Helpers: Peace of Mind Through Monitors, Alarms and Sensors

If you are the caregiver of an elderly person, you may be constantly worried about the safety, and security of your loved one. Falls, and other problems, occur frequently with the elderly. This can be a problem whether you are an in-home caregiver, or trying to help care for your loved one from some distance. The good news is that there are items that can help both you, and your elderly parent or patient, achieve peace of mind, and help insure that the senior in your life is living their best life possible. Because there is such a wide variety of products available, one can be found to fit the needs and lifestyle of the elderly loved one you are concerned about. Monitors, alarms, and sensors, can be installed that will help both you, and your elderly loved one, know that help is possible at a moment’s notice. Here is what you need to know about achieving peace of mind through the use of care-giving helpers like monitors, alarms, and sensors:
  • Guardian Alert system - This alert system will allow the user to automatically talk to a 911 operator. The biggest benefit of 911 automatic phone dialers is they use your existing phone line, therefore there are no monthly monitoring fees, service charges, or contracts. A telephone line splitter will allow you to easily share a single phone jack for both the base unit, and a conventional phone. This type of alert will allow the senior to speak with the 911 operator from anywhere in the home, or a short distance around the home. One of the major benefits of this type of alert is that it allows for constant monitoring, without the cost or hassle of using a monitoring company. Caregivers can rest assured that help will be on the way should their loved one need it. At they offer this item in order to allow your senior to maintain their independence with safety, security, and peace of mind.
  • Posey Keepsake fall monitor - Falls are one of the biggest problems for the elderly. A fall can not only seriously injury the person, but often brings on life-changing complications. Caregivers want to do everything they can in order to minimize the possibility of a fall. The Posey Keepsafe fall monitor works with a variety of pressure sensors on a bed, or chair, and has a lightweight and compact monitor. At the knowledgeable sales specialist can help you determine if your senior would benefit from this type of monitoring.
  • Posey Personal Alarm - This is an economical way of protecting your loved one against the risk of falls. This is a lightweight, and compact alarm with an adjustable cord that maximizes patient’s safe range of motion while providing the earliest possible warning of an unassisted exit. This alarm unit can be used in bed, chair, or bathroom to ensure continuity of care, and continuous monitoring. At they offer this item for an affordable rate to help you and your senior achieve a high degree of peace of mind.
  • Disposable bed sensor pad - This product alerts in-home caregivers, as to whether an elderly person is trying to rise from their bed unassisted. Even for in-home caregivers the need for monitoring is constant. It becomes nearly impossible to monitor, and secure, your elderly loved one or patient, around the clock. This bed sensor pad lies across the width of the mattress. Should the senior begin to rise out of the bed, an alarm will sound alerting the caregiver, for the need for assistance. The pad is useable for 30 days and then is disposable. The sensors are set at maximum sensitivity for even the lightest seniors. You can find this item and many other caregiving helpers for peace of mind at
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