4 Steps to Healthy Summer Skin for the Elderly

It's never too late to follow a regimen of cleansing, protecting and hydrating.

As we welcome the summer months, it’s time to adjust skin care regimens to reflect the changes in temperature and humidity. Summer weather causes skin to sweat more than usual, reducing its ability to breathe. Further, problems resulting from chronic incontinence — such as rashes, infections and ulcers — require extra steps to gently cleanse and protect.

Keep skin healthy this summer and year-round.

1. Properly Cleanse
It’s important to thoroughly cleanse skin during humid weather conditions, especially after contact with urine or stool, to protect against damage. Because those with incontinence need to cleanse more frequently, regular soap and water can be too harsh and drying. Use cleansers specially made to gently clean without scrubbing and without drying the skin, in a pH-balanced formula that won’t irritate sensitive areas.

Look for a cleanser formulated for frequent use, such as Lantiseptic’s Daily Care Cleansing Foam, which cleans, deodorizes and moisturizes in one stay-in-place foam for easy cleanup. This is the product of choice in hospitals and it’s now available to consumers as well. Visit http://www.caregiverpartnership.com/landing/lantiseptic for more information.

2. Pat Dry
Gently pat skin dry after cleansing. Do not rub, as this can cause irritation. Keep a stack of clean, dry, soft towels in the bathroom, using a fresh towel each time.

Because dry skin is often not a problem in the summer months, if you use a gentle foaming cleanser, skip the all-purpose, oil-based moisturizers and choose a barrier protection made for sensitive skin areas.

3. Treat and Protect
Barrier ointments and creams are designed to protect the skin from irritation caused by stool, urine or excess moisture. Caregivers of individuals at risk for skin breakdown should use only products that are formulated for aging, injury-prone skin, to protect against ulcers, chafing and tears.

Skin protectants containing lanolin are the choice of hospitals because lanolin-enriched products closely mimic the lipids in skin. Look for products that also contain analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredients that soothe, such as those found in Lantiseptic Daily Care Skin Protectant. As it absorbs into the skin, it delivers medicinal ingredients that are hypoallergenic, anti-fungal and bacteriostatic.

4. Hydrate From the Inside Remember, excessive sweating in hot, humid conditions leads to fluid loss. Drink plenty of water, in amounts recommended by your health care provider to control your incontinence while staying hydrated.

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