Dealing With Sweet Tooth Cravings and Diabetes

Are you dealing with sweet tooth cravings? While a sweet tooth can give you problems if you are trying to control your weight issues, it can ruin your ability to manage diabetes. A diabetic person needs to focus on consuming a low amount of refined sugar in their diet in order to properly manage their disease. If you consume too much sugar, it will cause peaks and valleys with your blood sugar. This can leave you suffering complications of hypoglycemia where you feel dizziness, lightheaded, tired, disoriented, and you can often pass out or slip into a coma. To help you control your cravings and manage your diabetes, here are some tips that may help:

Tip # 1 – Portion control
You need to watch your serving sizes and only eat the food you need. Eating excess food can cause numerous issues for your blood sugar. Focus on eating 3 regular meals and then 2-3 snacks per day. Fruits are wonderful snacks as they have a sweet taste and this can help satisfy your sweet tooth problems. You should also consider using dietary supplements that have flavors like chocolate, strawberry or vanilla: Never skip a meal no matter what. This is where the nutritional supplements can come in handy because they are basically a meal in a can and they will provide you with a complete balance of protein, fiber, and nutrition. These nutritional supplements are often recommended by doctors for their elderly patients because elderly individuals have a harder time eating 3 meals per day. For an elderly patient with diabetes, missing a meal can spell disaster.

Tip # 2 – Plan accordingly
There are some doctors that maintain a strict policy about table sugars and why their patients shouldn’t have them while others say an occasional slip is okay as long as you plan out the rest of your diet for the day accordingly. If you had a cookie, substitute them for another carbohydrate for the day. If the cookie is added to your regular diet, you will need to adjust your insulin dosage for the day to maintain proper glucose control. Diet soda drinks can help you if you are missing the sweet flavor you used to drink, they contain aspartame. Some doctors do not like aspartame, but millions of diabetic patients continue to drink diet soda without having blood sugar problems. Read your food labels and check for the sugar and carbohydrate content in the food. This will help you manage your diabetes easier as you look for sugar-free and fat-free foods.

Tip # 3 – Watch your blood sugar
If you did eat a cookie or you indulged a little, watch your blood sugar closely. You will need to check your blood sugar after eating the sugary food and then monitor it closely to make sure you don’t have a blood sugar crash that can cause you to frantically search for sugar as you are starting to get the shakes, which will eventually cause you to pass out if you aren’t careful. Purchase a blood sugar monitor so you can track your blood sugar daily to make sure you are controlling it correctly:

Tip # 4 – Enjoy fruit and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables have natural sugars in them which can quite your craving for something sweet. Strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, and other sweet fruits can work wonders if you are craving something sweet. Splenda can be used to add extra sweetness to the strawberries if they are a little tart. Some people have found that adding some milk to your strawberries is another great way to enhance their sweet flavor and to satisfy your craving.

It is estimated that up to 44% of the home-bound elderly population becomes malnourished, the result of an unbalanced diet lacking essential nutrients. Getting to a grocery store can be a challenge, and for those lacking mobility, suffering from poor eyesight, arthritis, or other health conditions, shopping for and/or preparing meals is almost impossible. Senior meals can be a simple solution to an often overwhelming problem.

According to a recent landmark study including more than 50,000 U.S. households, nearly 6 million seniors are at risk.

For many boomers who are now caregivers, home delivered meals provide peace of mind.  While the frozen meals in stores may cheaper, they aren't necessarily nutritionally balanced and can contain high levels of sodium.  Plus, they are frozen and a somewhat tasteless.  People can quickly develop taste fatigue and not want to eat them.

Convenient home delivery via UPS or FedEx
Proper nutrition, especially in the elderly, is the key to extending life, enabling independence for a longer period of time, and avoiding costly medical intervention for a variety of ailments which can be exacerbated by this serious condition,

The CareGiver Partnership is now offering a variety of freshly prepared home delivered meals to meet the needs of boomer children who worry about their parents and may not live close enough to help them out.  They offer a variety especially prepared for diabetics.  

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