Leave Those You Love, Words They'll Remember

Imagine going to your mailbox one day and seeing a beautiful envelope, hand addressed with your name on it. Upon opening it, you recognize your Mother's handwriting like it was yesterday. Except she passed away nearly five years ago.

What Exactly Are P.S. I Love You Letters?

P.S. I Love You Letters are time preserved, hand-written letters that you compose on elegant stationary to share what you've always wanted to say to those close to you, but never did. Your letters are safeguarded and later delivered in accordance with your instructions on specified dates. 

WHO SHOULD I WRITE LETTERS TO? We all consider the idea of passing our thoughts, sentiments, instructions or information on to those we care about after our passing. P.S. I Love You Letters are ideal for your closest family members, loved ones or friends to whom you feel you've left things unsaid; or to pass along heart–felt gratitude to those in your life once you are gone. They are for those who wish to express their love for those they are closest to, with assurances those words will never be lost or forgotten.

WHY SHOULD I LEAVE A LETTER? There are many reasons to leave a P.S. I Love You Letter. Imagine writing a letter expressing thoughts to your children about how you felt on the day they were born, or to your granddaughter to be delivered to her on her wedding day, or to close friends reminding them of a monumental occasion you both shared. Having a P.S. I Love You Letter delivered on a special day like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or a birthday makes for a present that will never be forgotten!

You can also use P.S. I Love You Letters for passing along personal information and digital assets to someone you trust, making it an ideal addition to your financial and estate planning.

To learn more go to http://www.psiloveyouletters.com.   P.S. I Love You Letters will be available at retail and online later this year.  

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