How to Motivate the Elderly With Craft

The way to motivate elderly folk in a craft session, is by being excited and passionate about what you are doing, yourself.

Many of our senior citizens will approach the idea of doing craft with fear and trepidation. After all, a man or woman who has worked all their lives, building a career, bringing up children, playing sport and generally being busy and productive, has probably not done any craft, since those far away years in Primary School.

So the key here, is to roll up your sleeves and start the session off, by actually doing yourself, some of what you have lined up for them to do today.

As you demonstrate, chat along with it and try to show your group, by action and vocally, the enjoyment you are experiencing, while doing this particular craft. Encourage first one and then another to join in, and as the others see that it is quite doable after all - and actually looks like fun, they too will want to join in.

Move around your group and help and encourage as you see the need. If you have a few members, who need more help than others, allow one of your helpers to sit with them.

Try to discourage the helper from taking over altogether. There is no point in that. They should only give the minimum amount of help, that will enable that person to join in and do the craft themselves.

With practise and gaining of confidence, you, as the leader of the craft group will find it easy to create a "buzz"... Even without any teaching experience, if you have passion for what you are doing, you will succeed in motivating your group of Senior Citizens and giving them many busy and happy hours together, doing craft...this in turn will lift them up in their daily lives and make them feel generally more invigorated and cheerful.

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