How Eating Pizza Daily Can Save Your Life

Jean Wilson, is an 82 year old woman who lives alone.  Like thousands of other seniors she has may have had difficulty getting out to purchase groceries or the ability to prepare a healthy diet alone in her home.
A pizza a day...

In her case, Jean ordered a pizza and two diet cokes from Dominoes every day -- for the past three years.  When she didn't order for a few days, her normal delivery person (Susan Guy) took it upon herself to check on Mrs. Wilson.  She discovered that Mrs. Wilson had fallen three days earlier and couldn't get to a phone.

We thank Susan Guy for taking the initiative to go out of her way to care about Jean Wilson.

This heart warming story raises two thoughts when caring for a loved one.  One is the ability to receive proper nutrition and the other is personal safety.  Both, when not properly addressed can be agonizing to a caregiver.  When they addressed, they bring peace of mind.

Millions of seniors live alone in their own home or apartments.  Many have a challenging time obtaining groceries or if they have groceries in the home, they may have mobility issues.  We've heard numerous stories about seniors who only eat carry out such as pizza's or Chinese takeout.

Our Mayo Clinic trained nutritionist has spent the last year researching and studying malnutrion among the elderly and discovered that thousands are actually dying each year.  Today, there are options such as Meals on Wheels which has some 5,000 local Senior Nutrition Programs in the United States. These programs provide well over one million meals to seniors who need them each day. Some programs serve meals at congregate locations like senior centers, some programs deliver meals directly to the homes of seniors whose mobility is limited, and many programs provide both services.

NEW!  Home Delivered Delicious Meals For The Elderly
The CareGiver Partnership is working in partnership with Mom's Meals to meet the needs of thousands of seniors who simply aren't able to drive or cook and whose diet and health is suffering. We are also addresing the needs of  millions of concerned caregivers - typically female boomer children of these elderly parents or in-laws by providing peace of mind in knowing they are providing well balanced, nutritious meals.

Convenience, Delicious, Calorie Controlled, and Value
Delivered right to your doorstep on a dependable and reliable basis.  The new service will employ our patent pending Never Run Out service. 

Over 45 choices - you choose what you want to eat
Delicious - a huge variety of meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) which never repeat themselves over a 21 day period -- dishes to appeal to those with even the most finicky tastes. They are all prepared using only the finest ingredients.

Choice - Over 45 choices.  You select only the meals you prefer.

Nutritionally balanced with lower sodium, lower fat, carb controlled, gluten free and other choices.

Value - Sure, fast food and pizza is cheap, but not healthy.  They're loaded with fat, carbs, cholesterol and salt.  Our home delivered meals will be both tasty and healthy.  When you consider that good health begins with proper nutrition, isn't the continued good health of a parent or loved one worth the extra cost?  And the high cost of gas today, home delivery makes more sense.

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Resource:  How to detect and prevent malnutrition (Mayo Clinic)

Resource: How to recognize and prevent malnutrition among seniors (The CareGiver Partnership)

                      Watch the video - how to recognize and prevent malnutrion in seniors

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