The CareGiver Partnership Offers Steps to Prevent Nighttime Falls

In keeping with its mission of providing home care products that help maintain personal dignity, The CareGiver Partnership provides strategies for nighttime safety.

Falling is an important health concern for older adults. Not only can tumbles result in fractures and other injuries, but they can also cause fear, which may lead to decreased mobility. Falls may be caused by environmental factors, such as stairs or obstacles, or physical factors, such as impaired vision or instability, and risks may be greater at night.

Pathways and lighting
Do a thorough search for tripping hazards in the home. Move all furniture, cords and objects out of traffic areas, especially along paths to bathrooms. Floors should be properly maintained and rugs should lie flat. Apply nonskid tape to rug bottoms, or consider replacing them with low-pile wall-to-wall carpeting.

Increase lighting in hallways, doors and stairways by using timers or motion sensors, or add nightlights along the pathway from the bedroom to the bathroom. A lighted walking cane, such as The PathLighter, kept within easy reach will improve visibility. Consider adding contrasting-color or reflective tape to objects to make them stand out.

Bathroom design
Place frequently used objects within easy reach in the bathroom. Hygiene supplies and incontinence products can be kept in a cabinet close to the toilet. Install grab bars near the toilet and tub, and consider a raised toilet seat or a toilet chair with a seat in a contrasting color. Nonskid mats or strips in contrasting colors on the floor and on grab bars will help provide traction and visibility.

Personal safety
In addition to eliminating hazards in the home, falls may be prevented by paying attention to an older individual’s needs. Exercise can help increase strength, balance and coordination. Know which medications may affect alertness and balance, and keep eyeglass prescriptions up to date and lenses clean. Pajama pants or gowns that are too long are a tripping hazard, and slippers should have nonskid soles. Equip beds with safety rails or bed assists, and mount floor-to-ceiling security poles in areas where extra help is needed.

To ensure your loved one can get help if needed at night, position a talking phone within easy reach or consider a Guardian Alert 911, which allows the user to call for help through a phone base and wearable pendant. If you are a live-in care giver and need to be alerted to an unassisted exit from bed, personal alarms are an option.

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