Computers: Help Your (Grand) Parents Help Themselves

Send Your Parents a 
Tech Support Care Package (FREE) 

Google now offers a helpful "Teach Parents Tech" site 

My brother was a GM certified mechanic -- but that wasn't his profession.  Every time the family got together, someone would tell him they had a "tick" in their engine and could he please take a look at it. Inevitably, he would get grease on his shirt and his (ex) wife would yell at him.

Today, its the same, but different.  Children come home on the holidays to visit parents and grandparents and they are accosted for help with their computers.  Out son, who is an excellent computer programmer with a degree in Computer Science from Madison (yes... "that" Madison), experiences this.  We've heard more than once that we shouldn't be allowed to have "tech" if we don't know how to use it.  He would replace our top of the line Sony receiver with a dumbed down version by  Jitterbug (if they made one).  It would have  about 4 buttons and a remote with huge buttons.  Well now there is help from our friends at Google.  Once again, Microsoft was asleep at the switch.

Free Tech Help is Here for Computer Users (Seniors)
Google has a new site "Teach Parents Tech" -- that provides a series of public service videos.  The site is  There are at least 54 different videos (about a minute long each).  They teach "how to copy and paste" and "how to attach a file (like a picture) to an email to more advanced subjects.  I'm sure our son will be happy that we'll no longer have to call and ask "How do I change my screen saver". 

You fill out this form online, select the areas you feel your (grand) parents need help with and email it to them.  Hopefully, they'll know how to open your email!


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