Choosing Underpads

35 Different Brands, Styles and Sizes to Choose From
Underpads are waterproof mattress pads that you place on top of your sheets to help your bed stay dry.

One way to help manage the incontinence of a loved one is using an underpad. Underpads are waterproof mattress pads that you place on top of your sheets to help their bed stay dry. Underpads come equipped with an extra strong backing to provide strength in the underpad and less chance of tears from movement.The extra strong backing also helps protect your sheets, it prevents fluid from leaking through the back.

The Caregiver Partnership offers a variety of underpads that you can choose from, including TENA and Attends underpads. TENA and Attends offer the biggest selection in terms of underpads. The TENA line,, offers 11 different choices, while the Attends line,, offers you 8 choices. With all of the brands of underpads that are available at The Caregiver Partnership, you are guaranteed to find the right product for your needs.

When choosing underpads, the first thing that you need to think about is the absorbency of the underpad. If there is only a small amount of leakage throughout the night, you won’t need to have super absorbency pads. You can use moderate absorbency and still be safe. If there is a lot of leakage throughout the night, it is safe to say you will need to purchase the heaviest absorbency pads you can find. Some underpads can hold up to four cups of liquid, which is convenient when you need it to last all night.

The next thing that you need to think about is the style of underpad that you are going to use. You can find underpads that have tape on the underside so that they stay in place. These work by peeling off the adhesive protector and placing the underpad in position. The adhesive strips stick to the sheet so while you sleep the underpad doesn’t move out of place. For sleepers that are more restless this might not work as well, so your other option is a tuck in underpad. How these underpads work is they have wings on each side that allow you to tuck the underpad underneath the mattress. The wings are tucked between the mattress and the box spring, and the weight from the mattress helps keep the underpad in place.

When choosing underpads, price needs to be a factor because sometimes you get what you pay for. You want to look at the price of the item, if you are purchasing them by the case, you want to look at the price per each item, not the total price. Something else that you need to think about with price is that the less absorbent pads might be cheaper in the beginning, but because you have to change them more frequently, the cost will steadily increase over time.

Washable under pads can save money
If price is a concern, or if you are on a limited budget, you can choose to use a washable underpad rather than disposable underpads. Washable underpads are just as absorbent as disposable underpads, but instead of throwing them away when they are soiled, you simply wash them. Using a washable underpad is no different than using a disposable underpad; you place it over the fitted sheet to protect your bedding and your mattress from being soiled. If you are electing to use the washable pads instead of the disposable pads, your best bet is to purchase two washable pads. This way if you have an accident in the middle of the night you can simply swap out the pads and not have to worry about your sheets. Not to mention you can also use one on your favorite furniture to help protect it from any accidental leaks.

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