The CareGiver Partnership Announces Online Library of Helpful Resources for Family Caregivers

#1 Caregiver Resource Library With Over 300 Links to Important Housing, Caregiving, Financial and Products and Services.

The CareGiver Partnership officially launched it's Caregiver Connection service with an online library that provides valuable resources for family caregivers. These include links to resources on housing, caregiving, finances, legal and a host of products and services. Caregivers also have access to expert advice from The CareGiver Partnership's Mayo Clinic trained Nutritionist and Physician Assistant" said Lynn Wilson, Founder.

"At The CareGiver Partnership, we know that caregivers are frantic, frazzled and frustrated - thousands of caregivers and their loved ones coast-to-coast tell us this everyday" stated Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership. "Whether you're caring for your 75-year-old father-in-law who suffers from COPD or your husband who is recovering from prostate surgery, we're here to help." For example, in the Caring for the Caregiver quick tip guide, caregivers will find a quick tips guide to ensure they remain healthy both mentally and physically.

We've also teamed up with Healthy Monday, a national public health campaign in New York City. Healthy Monday is a project of Columbia University and Johns Hopkins, Syracuse University with the support of 40 leading schools of public health as well as major health advocacy organizations, including the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society. "We encourage caregivers to commit Mondays towards maintaining their health and safety" said Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership.

At The CareGiver Partnership's website, caregivers and their loved ones can find the most extensive library of important and useful links to a collection of articles written by medical and geriatric professionals, nursing home staff and government experts on aging addressing common concerns such as accidents at home, long-term care, legal and financial issues and health conditions like Alzheimer's disease. This library is fully vetted and updated on an ongoing basis.

The website features links to a limited number of educational videos on useful products for the caregiver. This resource will be expanded. Caregivers also will be able to establish an online network of support through chats with other caregivers in the future. A caregiver blog is also under development.

In addition to the online caregiver resource library and the Caring for the Caregiver tips guide, our Mayo Clinic trained Dietitian and Physician Assistant has extensive training and expertise in the areas of kidney diseases, diabetes, cancer, wound healing, therapeutic diets, and nutrition support.

About The CareGiver Partnership. The CareGiver Partnership helps caregivers and their loved ones with answers to their caregiving questions, including information about home health care products and supplies, from our Wisconsin-based team of Product Specialists who are all current or former caregivers. The company’s Web site provides the largest online library of resources on subjects most important to caregivers — from arthritis to assisted living, and Parkinson’s to prostate cancer — as well as access to more than 3,000 home care products for incontinence, skin care, mobility, home safety and daily living aids. The CareGiver Partnership was founded in 2004 by Lynn Wilson of Neenah, Wisc. Visit to learn more or call 1-800-985-1353.


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