The CareGiver Partnership Says Skin Care Vital While Managing Incontinence

The CareGiver Partnership and Dianna Malkowski, Physician Assistant & Nutritionist, provide important strategies for maintaining healthy skin.

                                  Tips on maintaining healthy skin as we age

Taking special care of your skin to prevent irritation is an essential part of managing incontinence. Because prolonged contact with urine or stool can damage skin over time and put it at greater risk for ulcers and infection, it’s important to stay clean and dry.

Choosing products
Look for incontinence products with the latest advances in absorbent yet breathable materials, and choose the type that best fits your lifestyle. Pads, underwear, belted shields, guards, and diapers all are unique in how they’re worn and removed. Select products with skin-friendly features, such as Tena Pads made from materials that let vapor and heat escape. Features to help manage incontinence are available from many other brands as well, such as Poise, Depend, Attends, Prevail, Surecare and Tranquility.

Gentle cleansing
It’s important to clean the skin as soon as possible after elimination occurs, to avoid breakdown and odor. Use a mild cleanser, rinse well if product requires, and pat dry. Choose skin care products specially made for incontinence, to keep skin healthy and odor-free. Look for soothing cleansing lotions or foams, or antimicrobial cleansers to help protect against microorganisms and reduce odor. If convenience is most important to you, try no-rinse cleansers.

Frequent moisturizing
Cleansing the skin several times per day may cause dryness and irritation. Use alcohol-free moisturizing creams to keep skin nourished. Moisturizers made especially for incontinence include protein-rich emollients, breathable moisture barriers, and ingredients that help prevent dehydration by blocking transepidermal water loss.

Protecting and treating
Barrier creams help protect your skin from urine by providing a skin sealant. You must still clean and dry the skin after each elimination, after which you may reapply the cream.

If you develop a yeast infection on the skin and suspect moisture is the cause, an antifungal powder may be effective in treating it. If skin is dry and cracked, consider an antifungal ointment. Talk to your health care provider if severe irritation develops.

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