Finally… An Incontinence Swim Diaper for Older Children, Teens and Adults

Made with high tech stretch polyurethane fabric
If necessity is the Mother of Invention, perhaps mothers are the best inventors. When Discovery Trekking Outfitters designed their adult swim diaper for those who are incontinent, they did so out of need.  

Diane, one of the partners, could not find an effective swim diaper for her teenage son, so he was not allowed in the pool.   Although there were a few products available, they simply didn’t fit properly which resulted in poor containment.  They were difficult to put on and rigid fabric did not allow for ease of movement.  
It wasn’t hard to see that the design was wrong.  

Finding the right fabric was a challenge.  As the owner of Discovery Trekking, Diane's expertise was in specialty fabrics.  She  realized that she could not simply use cotton or nylon, which is what most existing swim diapers are made from.  The garment had to be waterproof, but comfortable next to skin.  She insisted on 4-way stretch to fit snugly and increase adjustability.  The fabric she wanted did not exist, so she worked with several mills to develop what we needed.   While more costly, it would have been pointless to manufacture something that wasn’t exactly right.  

Available in 9 sizes 
$50-$60 depending on size (shipping is included)

Many of our clients lead active lives and are able to dress themselves, however some cannot. Therefore the swim diaper needed to open fully for ease in dressing.  There are many body shapes, and the Velcro closures enable adjustments that take this into consideration.  The garment can be closed on an angle to accommodate anyone, including persons with small waist and large hips, or persons with larger waist sizes and smaller thighs. This is extremely important for both comfort and effectiveness.  Each swim diaper fits a waist or hip size range to allow for weight gain or loss, in sizes from x-small to 5XL.

This is how it fits, but the color is black.
Discreet under a swim suit
Diane did not set out to become manufacturer of continence products.  In fact, Discovery Trekking has grown mainly due to the huge popularity of their specialty moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial towels, stay-dry bedding, and clothing.  Most large continence manufacturers have overlooked the needs of adults that require products such as the adult swim diaper.  Think of them as Little Swimmers for bigger people. Maybe the name should be named Big Dippers!  We continue to provide such necessary products so others will not share the frustration Diane felt when her son was not allowed to swim. 

The CareGiver Partnership sells adult swim diaper products, including adult and youth swim diaper choices, adult size swim diaper reusable products, and adult swim diapers in several colors. Adult swim diapers allow people with fecal incontinence to get back into life. We have swim diapers in many youth and adult sizes and in several colors. Whether you have a special needs child or experience incontinence yourself, these swim diapers allow you to enjoy life a bit more.

Adult swim diaper products allow you to confidently spend time at the beach or in the pool.  Youth swim diapers help older children or very small adults. An adult size swim diaper allows you to use the pool because they provide containment for fecal incontinence (not urine).  An adult swim diaper or youth swim diaper can be very comforting for those who could not otherwise swim in the pool
Get Back Into Life!
It seems like only yesterday that Kimberly-Clark introduced Little Swimmers brand swim pants.  They were an instant sensation and many pools required them.  They were fine for babies and little kids... but that was all.  Until now.

The new Swim Pants are designed to be worn next-to-skin under a swim suit.  They are specifically made for bowel containment.

Also works great as a cover up for disposable or cloth diapers

The Nitty Gritty
  • Comfortable fit: High tech stretch polyurethane fabric with soft fleece lining
  • Fits comfortably and discreetly
  • Wear under a bathing suit, next to skin
  • Worn under swim suit: Designed for bowel containment with strong velcro closures
  • Versatility: Also great as a diaper cover for cloth or disposable diapers
  • Security in the pool: Elastic waist & legs for added security 
  • Polyester/Spandex blend bonded to a waterproof polyurethane shell.
  • Latex free.
  • 9 sizes for a perfect fit:  XS to 5XL; fits waist/hip sizes 22" to 58" - unisex
  • Women order by hip sizing; men by waist
  • Machine wash warm; hang to dry
  • Not returnable
Need  a pair custom made for a pre-teen or larger child who has outgrown disposable swim diapers like Little Swimmers.   Call us at 1-800-985-1353

Available in 9 sizes 
$50-$60 depending on size (shipping is included)


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