Essential Male Incontinence Products

Men are more reluctant to discuss incontinence
While men and women can both suffer from incontinence, there is actually a larger percentage of males that suffer from incontinence than most people think. Males may not talk about their problem as openly as women do and many women often deal with it due to a number of issues like pelvic floor stretching. However the good news is that both genders can find great relief with quality incontinence products.

The incontinence products for men come in a variety of forms. Some of them are urinary drip collectors, catheters, and of course adult diapers. Managing incontinence at home usually comes down to using your adult incontinence products like bed pads and adult diapers. These products allow you to discreetly manage your condition so others will not be aware that you are suffering from this condition.

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To select quality incontinence supplies you need to first understand the type of incontinence you are dealing with. It is vital that you schedule a meeting with your doctor to discuss your condition and to find out if it is related to an underlying condition or not. Knowing the type of incontinence you have will allow you to understand how much protection you need with the supplies that you purchase. Some of the adult diapers come with extra protection and other things like fecal incontinence protection along with overnight protection. Having this type of protection is important to proper management of incontinence and to helping you maintain your dignity with a condition that can be quite embarrassing.

Here are some of the incontinence products for men that you need to consider investing in so you can avoid embarrassment and move forward with your life:
·         Urinary drip collection – this is commonly used by males that do not want to wear diapers. You will end up wearing a small device that collects that excess urine in a bag where you can dispose of it.
·         Incontinence underwear – the adult underwear is quite popular among males. It fits snugly to your body just like traditional underwear you are used to wearing. The difference is that you will have additional padding in the underwear that will collect any excess urine that leaks from the body. The goal of the product is to remove the urine from the skin so you don’t end up having a rash because it sits on the skin. Depending upon your preference you can choose the disposable incontinence products or you can choose the washable incontinence products. These products both work effectively at capturing the urine and allowing you to maintain control over your embarrassing condition.
·         Incontinence pads – using pads may be a great option for individuals that do not want to deal with adult diapers. You can use the incontinence pads inside your regular underwear to capture any urine that does leak out.

Using the right products will provide you with the protection you need to manage incontinence. Try using some pouches and guards to see if it provides you with the protection that you need. Here are some quality incontinence products for men that you need to consider: These are the products that many men find to work effectively as they provide an extra layer of protection in the front of the guards, which help to prevent leaking from occurring. Many of them also include scent guards as well, which is also essential in preventing others from being able to detect your condition.

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