Unique Mother’s Day Gifts that Make Aging in Place Easier

by Lynn Wilson, Co-Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

This Mother’s Day, consider gifts that offer touches of comfort for Mom and peace of mind for you. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’ve put together a few ideas to make Mom comfortable, healthy and safe.

Almost every mom likes flowers and jewelry, but shopping for moms who lean toward the more practical can make it harder to come up with ideas. Here are a few recommendations we offer to stumped caregivers who call our team of caregivers for assistance.

  • A home-delivery food service, such as Mom’s Meals, which are freshly prepared foods, including choices for special dietary needs.
  • A bedroom makeover for more restful sleep. Gifts for a good night’s sleep include a supportive mattress, comfortable bedding, a bed wedge, and a safety rail with a convenient pouch or caddy for nighttime essentials, like reading materials and remote controls. A fan or sleep machine provides soothing sounds or white noise for restful sleep.
ClearSounds amplified phone
  • High-tech monitoring options that provide peace of mind. Telephones specifically for seniors include big buttons, amplified sound and talking caller ID. There also are remote alert system that do not require activation or monthly fees and can be used anywhere in the home, such as the Guardian Alert 911.
  • Skin care products specially formulated for aging skin, to stay clean, moisturized and protected. 
  • Incontinence products that provide normalcy and dignity, such as Depend Silhouette for Women, made of cottonlike fabric that looks and feels like regular underwear, or Stride Everyday Panties, machine-washable cotton underwear that cost less per use than the leading pantiliner.
  • Never Run OutSM automatically scheduled home delivery service of any home healthcare supplies carried by The CareGiver Partnership, saving a loved one the time and effort of making trips to a store.The CareGiver Partnership offers free shipping on all orders over $50 and gladly accepts manufacturers’ coupons.

For more ideas:

Lynn Wilson founded The CareGiver Partnership based on her experience in caring for loved ones as well as providing the highest level of customer service. She takes pride in offering personalized service that helps her customers find the best solutions for their individual needs. Now that her children are grown, Lynn enjoys spending time with her granddaughter while also helping to care for her mom. To find out how The CareGiver Partnership can serve you, call 1-800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST.


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