Two Options for Disposing of Incontinence Products When Traveling

Heaven Scent disposal bags
What do you do with your incontinence products when you are traveling? It is difficult to deal with such an embarrassing condition and many people avoid social situations because they are worried about having an accident while they are out. However quality incontinence products make it much easier for you to manage your condition and prevent the embarrassment you feel about living with incontinence. The good news is that there are even products that can help you to properly dispose of your used incontinence products:

Using these little disposable bags is the best option you have to properly dispose of your incontinence products when you are traveling. They include an extra layer of protection as not only will they hide what is inside the bag but they also come with a scent so others cannot smell urine. This special PH balance in the bag can prevent the odor from leaking out for a couple of days. This is a great way to prevent a smell but also to ensure that you are properly disposing of your adult diapers.

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When you are traveling it is a smart idea to take an emergency pack with you wherever you go. This is the best way to manage incontinence as you are out and about. The emergency pack should include some of the disposable bags to discretely dispose of your adult diapers. It also needs to include some other things as well like a change of incontinence underwear so that you are not left unprotected. Include some of the flushable wipes as well to properly clean your genitals and prevent health issues. Keeping this little sac of emergency supplies with you is one of the most important things you can do when you are traveling. You never know when you will have a problem with incontinence and you do not want to be caught unprotected. Click here to find a large variety of quality incontinence products that will make it much easier for you to manage your condition effectively:

There are approximately 25 million Americans that suffer from urinary incontinence and traveling may seem like something that is too far out of reach because of how embarrassed they are by their condition. It seems that no matter what your body is always going to leak urine at a time when it is the most inconvenient for you. Since you have no control over when your body leaks urine you have to be prepared all the time and try not to let it ruin your vacation.

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Not only do you want to keep some of the emergency products with you it is also a good idea to live by certain things when you are traveling and managing incontinence. Consider the following tips to help make your life easier and to avoid the stress that incontinence can bring on:
·         Request a seat on the plane, train, or bus that is close to the restroom. This is a great way to have quick access to the restroom where you can change out your product. If there is not a small wastebasket in the restroom you will need to dispose of the product in your carry-on. This is why the small disposable bags with PH can help as they mask the smell but also make it sanitary.
·         If you are driving try to map out your trip to avoid driving for long stretches of time without bathroom breaks. You need to break at least once an hour or so in order to empty your bladder and to try and limit the amount of urinary loss that occurs on the drive.
·         Adhere closely to the diet recommended by your doctor in order to prevent accidents. Certain foods stimulate the bladder to release urine and make it harder for you to keep it in.

To learn additional tips on managing incontinence when traveling click on the following link: You will also be able to purchase quality incontinence products that can make your life much easier.

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