Product Review: Unique Wellness Briefs: Inspired by NASA Technology

The most absorbent brief you can buy
holding a full 79 ounces - over a half gallon!
When it comes to incontinence products, we sell more types, styles, sizes, absorbencies and brands than anyone else.  We continually shop the world looking for products which work better or are a better value.  This article will review a brand called Unique Wellness Briefs (UWB).

To begin, a brief is anything but brief. Another common name for briefs is 'adult diaper' which is where UWB falls.

The importer, located in Brooklyn contacted us in 2010 about offering their line, but we declined because they could not substantiate the claims they were making about how absorbent the product was and how few changes were required.  We now have laboratory data on absorbency and skin dryness which we can share.

We favor products Made in the U.S.A.  99% of our sales are products made in the U.S.A.  UWB is not one of them. They are manufactured in Turkey... but they are by no means a turkey.  They are in fact the most absorbent brief you can purchase.
Watch the video about the adult diaper inspired by NASA

  • They aren't as thick as some.
  • Even though they are much more absorbent, the cost the same as the Depend brand - about $1.33 for each change (retail pricing).
  • The company claims that the 'cost in use' is actually less, because they don't need to be changed as often as ordinary briefs. 
  • The design is a throwback to older style briefs
    • Plastic outer cover versus non woven cloth (nosier)
    • Two tape tabs versus three
    • Legacy style 2-piece refastenable tapes versus fasten/unfasten anywhere; the tape system does hold well which is needed for a full load.
  • Their is a wetness indicator (a technology that has existed for a long time).
  • 83% of the product is comprised of absorbent material - pulp and super absorbents with pulp comprising 79% of the absorbency and super absorbent accounting for 21%.
  • The large size holds 79 ounces (no one would use it to that extreme)
  • UWB are available in three sizes, each is is a different color so that aids in nursing homes can more easily tell them apart.
There have been complaints that the image of their diaper makes it appear bulkier, but that is artistic license.  McDonald's spends an entire day, gluing on sesame seeds to the bun, spraying lacquer to it to give is the proper sheen and stacking the ingredients in perfect order.  We know that isn't the way it looks when a tray is handed to you.


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