Caregivers ... help with medical issues and billing.

Hi, my name is Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership.

Our vision is to help people remain in their homes as long as possible by providing:
  • A range of helpful home health care products
  • Services such as fall detection and home delivered meals
  • Thousands of resources caregivers need
  • Helpful advice from a team of women who are all current and former caregivers themselves.

Several years ago we teamed up with Health Proponent to help caregivers find the right medical providers, locate services, schedule appointments, clarify insurance coverage's, address billing and claims issues and facilitate transportation to doctors offices and treatments.

Help at Long Last
Women & Caregiving
Nearly a quarter of U.S. households have the challenge of caring for an elderly loved one. Most of the caregivers are women. Women are also the primary caregivers of children with chronic illness. If you’re one of them, chances are you’ve had to balance the daunting tasks with work. That can mean taking frequent time off or even giving up a job entirely.

Health Proponent can step in to lighten the load. As a member, you receive expert, personalized help to navigate burdensome healthcare and insurance-related issues, including those relating to caregiving.

We do the Legwork
Just call to speak to a Personal Health Advocate (PHA). Your PHA is typically a registered nurse, supported by medical directors, and benefits and claims specialists.

We work with your insurance and providers and get you the right help at the right time for your peace of mind.  Your PHA can:
  • Find the right providers: leading doctors and treatment centers
  • Locate services: in-home care, adult day care, respite care
  • Schedule appointments: facilitate earliest time with specialists
  • Clarify insurance coverage: help find other options
  • Address billing and claims issues: includes help to reduce out-of-pocket costs
  • Facilitate transportation: to doctors and treatments
Case Study: Real People, Real Stories
Elaine moved in with her elderly parents to care for her father who had terminal cancer and now needed living arrangements. Her PHA located a hospice facility with  independent living units for her mother, helped facilitate the appointment with the facility’s medical director and explained health insurance options.

Free Consultation
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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