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Hands-free light with extra wide and bright light
including night vision
Those 60+ need 3+ times more light than a 20 year old
My health is good but as the years have passed, I'm noticing changes. My hearing is no longer as sharp. While I wear glasses and my vision is good, it's not what it used to be, especially in lower light situations. Going down the stairs late at night, I never used to think about turning the lights on. Now, I find it helpful to have some illumination. When one of my disabled children needs assistance at night, I have trouble seeing in the darkness of his room.  Beam N Read is a great product for doing needlework, caregiving, power outages and camping. Includes an elastic neck strap and clip on magnifier   

Studies show that for specific tasks, the average 60 year old needs three or more times the amount of light compared with a 20 year old. Typical advice to improve near vision is to have additional task lighting. That's me - not so young anymore and needing more light than I used to.

All the time, I'm on call as a caregiver for my physically disabled, now adult, children. With the Beam N Read hands free light, I can discreetly provide nighttime assistance without needing to turn the room lights on. Usually I wear the light around my neck and it shines a steady light in front of me. Other times I place it on the bed for light from below or on the dresser to bounce the light off the walls for soft light. There's enough light to change his clothes or bedding without turning the room into daylight. This is less stressful for all and makes it easier for both my son and myself to return to sleep.

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When I have to slip downstairs at night for some more supplies or medications, the Beam N Read around my neck lights up the path leaving my hands free to carry the items or grab the railing for stability. And it saves me from having to turn a series of hallway and room lights on and off in the process. It's also useful for a late night trip to the bathroom.

When my wife wants to read and I want to sleep, we need light for her that won't disturb me. So in bed at night, we read books and our Kindles with a Beam N Read. Until I started using the clip-on filters, I didn't appreciate that some types of light can keep you awake. White light includes a spectrum of colors. The blue spectrum can help keep you awake. Daylight, which energizes you in the morning, has a lot of blue light. LED bulbs also tend to have a lot of blue in their light. Reading with daylight type light at night can interfere with falling asleep. The Beam N Read includes two clip-on filters that reduce blue light. The orange filter warms and softens the light and shifts the light more like that from an incandescent bulb. The red filter reduces blue light even more.

After trying the filters out for several days, I went back to the unfiltered white LED light for reading in bed. To my surprise, the light felt too bright. It was more relaxing with the filters. Now, my wife reads in bed every night with the orange filter while I find I prefer the red. The red filter significantly reduces ambient light which is helpful when a sleeping companion is ultra-sensitive to light. I'm not sensitive, so the orange filter on my wife's light is fine for me when I turn my light out.

The red filter also minimizes night blindness when switching between lighted and dark conditions. So when I am called to assist the children late at night, I'll often keep the red filter on as I stumble across the hall and then back.

The Beam N Read Hands Free Lights were invented by my dad as a hands free task light when his own vision was deteriorating from age. When my triplets were infants, it enabled us to change diapers without turning the room lights on and waking sleeping babies. Now that I've aged, between caregiving for my disabled children, reading in bed, and tasks like jumping our minivan's battery in the dark, I'm literally using my dad's invention every day.

Order from The CareGiver Partnership
Only $28.95 + $6.50 S&H
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Alkaline AA batteries last at full brightness for 50 hours when shining all 6 LEDs. Switch to using 3 LEDs, which I find is all I need, and the batteries will last for 100 hours. This is dramatically longer than clip-on book lights so in addition to delivering a wider and brighter (and more versatile) light, it is greener (fewer batteries in the trash) and costs less to operate. It'll also work with newspapers and loose sheets that can't support a clip-on and can be used hands free even for reading a medication label. It works well for tasks like quilting, knitting, and other crafts. Small and lightweight, it's a nice portable light when traveling. And it's invaluable during a power outage.

If you're a caregiver for someone at night, walk around your home when it's dim or dark, or you read, knit or do other tasks where you could use some extra light, the Beam N Read hands free light delivers personal light anywhere, that doesn't disturb others.

Bob Friedman
Marketing Director
ASF Lightware Solutions


  • Use anywhere, uses 4AA batteries ( up to 100 hours )
  • Two settings- low and high
  • Bright, yet cool light- uses LEDs
  • Vision helper filters for night vision or softer lighting
  • 4"x 5"- lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Great product for doing needlework, caregiving, power outages and camping. Includes an elastic neck strap and clip on magnifier

Order from The CareGiver Partnership

Only $28.95 + $6.50 S&H
Click 'Order' above or call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST

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