Dealing with Billing Errors During Recovery

Patricia experienced a “bombardment” of incorrect bills related to the testing and hospital stays she underwent resulting from a brain tumor. Her Personal Health Advocate addressed the billing errors and also helped her find facilities for further testing and treatment covered by her health insurance plan. When she had a subsequent seizure and fractured her forehead in a fall, she was again bombarded with incorrect billing errors. The same Personal Health Advocate was able to help Patricia resubmit the appropriate paperwork and to have the bills corrected for payment. After the situation was settled, Patricia said, “On top of my brain tumor, I was faced with a bombardment of billing errors. They handled the paperwork with compassion and persistence. Thank you, thank you!”

What The Healthcare Survival Guide Says:
Keep a close watch on your medical bills. Compare them against the Explanation of Benefits statement received from your insurance company (pg. 41). To avoid other errors involving your care—such as mix-ups in diagnoses and medications – put together your own personal health record to record your medical history, past procedures, diagnoses, medications, allergies, etc. (pg. 53). It’s just one way, along with free or low-cost prevention measures like regular screenings (pgs. 54-55), to take charge of your health and reduce doctor visits and medications.

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