Understanding Your Options With Incontinence Pads

Make an informed decision and avoid wasting money.
There are a number of options when it comes to incontinence pads. Understanding the options can help you make a more informed decision, and avoid wasting money on products that do not work, or are not the best fit.

Male pads: Male pads are one option for incontinence pads. They are anatomically shaped for men, to offer protection against light incontinence. They are to be worn in regular underwear, and are most effective when worn with close-fitting underwear. Most male pads are equipped with an adhesive strip to hold the product in place. Male pads help men to discretely protect themselves against leaks with odor protection, skin protection, and leak protection. Many men after prostrate surgery need a little extra protection, and a male pad is the best solution.

Insert pads: These are basically a more absorbent version of a female menstrual pad. They offer an absorbent core that quickly absorbs fluid, protecting skin and helping with odor control. They offer an adhesive strip, and are used with underwear or inserted into other incontinence products for extra protection. Pads help protect the skin, protect the wearer from leaks, and offer a discreet way to manage UI.

Bed pads: Bed pads are pads that are made with an absorbent comfortable top layer, and absorbent middle layer, made to trap fluids, and a water-proof barrier third layer, made to protect furniture, bedding, and the like from leaks. These are great when used in conjunction with other incontinence products, and help cut down on work like laundry, as they protect bedding from leaks during the night.

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Some great incontinence pads include:

Poise: Poise pads have an ultra absorbent core that protects skin, while giving the wearer a worry-free form of protection.

DryComfort: DryComfort has the unique oval shape, and targeted absorbency for those who need extra protection. They also come with a great wetness indicator to aid caregivers in knowing when they need to be changed.

Attends: Attends has a triple-tier moisture locking system which is great for skin protection and odor control.

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