Navigating the World of Urinary Incontinence Products

Familiarize yourself with incontinence product options. 
The world of incontinence products can be confusing and overwhelming at first, especially if you are new to UI, or are looking for products for the first time. According to Kimberly-Clark consumer research, the average consumer buying incontinence products for the first time wastes over $130 in trial and error, buying 8-10 products before finding the ones that work best for them. This is a hefty sum, and one that you can avoid wasting by familiarizing yourself with the available options for UI.

The following are the most typical urinary incontinence products. Each type of product has several options, across several brands. This means that not all “pads” for example, are created equally, nor are they all sized the same. When in doubt, contact the CareGiver Partnership’s knowledgeable product specialists. These nice ladies can help you find the right fit, and help you order samples to try. To contact a product specialist call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 Central.

Pads- You can get pads designed specifically for men or for women. These are designed to offer an anatomical design, close fit, and odor control, while catching fluid leaks, and protecting you. Pads are often worn with traditional underwear, but can be worn with other UI products in order to give added protection.

Briefs- Briefs are great for those who have heavy or even total incontinence, but are also designed for those with light to moderate incontinence. They have tabs to help them stay on, and often offer stretchy or flexible side panels for better fit. They are what you traditionally think of when you think of an adult diaper.

Bed Pads- These are pads that have a fluid proof barrier that can be used on beds and other furniture to help protect them from leaks. Sometimes, at night, for example, a UI product might leak, and the bed pad will catch these leaks, protecting bedding, mattresses, etc. from fluids. They come in a variety of sizes and absorbency.

Boxers- These are designed specifically for men, they mimic the look and feel of real underwear, while providing protection. These are great for men who want to be able to maintain their dignity while at the gym, or out and about, but still get protection.

Pull on underwear- These are UI products that are designed to pull on like traditional underwear, providing the look and feel of traditional underwear, a slim side profile, and more, while giving the needed protection against leaks. They are great for both men and women, some are designed to be gender neutral, while others, such as the Silhouette for Women, are designed for a specific sex.

Skin care- In addition to the need for products to catch leaks, those with urinary incontinence may also need products for skin care. While the majority of products wick moisture away from the skin, and do their best to protect it, the skin is sensitive, and cleansing cloths, powders, and other items may be needed to keep it healthy.

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