Male Incontinence Products

Male Incontinence Products to maintain your dignity.
Being “manly” usually does not include things like bladder control problems, but the truth of the matter is that nearly 20% of men over age 40 experience some urinary incontinence. Many men who have undergone prostate surgery have incontinence. What products are out there for men with incontinence? And what options do they have for protection and discretion?

Male pads- Male pads are pads that are anatomically shaped for the male form. They are designed to catch urine leaks and wick the fluid away from the skin to promote skin health and offer odor protection. Many men who undergo prostate surgery are often at risk for incontinence, and male pads can help them to discretely manage incontinence while recovering from surgery. 

ActiCuf- This is designed for light incontinence in active males. The ActiCuf Men's Compression Pouch is an absorbent pouch that is worn over the penis, and offers comfortable penile compression. Although not designed for overnight wear, it is a great for the active individual who needs some protection.

Guards are similar to male pads, they are a cup-like design for men, with side barriers to help prevent leaks, and an adhesive strip to hold the protection in place. They are great for medium absorbency, or moderate incontinence, and can be discretely worn under clothing.

Boxers- These are pull on protection that mimic the look and feel of a traditional man’s boxer, offering discrete protection no matter where you are. They look and feel like real underwear, but have a thin, but super absorbent design to catch leaks, and prevent leaks. They are disposable, and are mainly for daytime use.

Briefs- This is what you think of when you think of the traditional adult diaper. A brief is an incontinence product with tabbed or adjustable sides, an absorbent core, and more. They are for heavy protection. Most feature an elastic waistband, some sort of leg cuff for leakage protection, and a great absorbent core to help wick moisture away form the skin, and encourage skin health, even if time between changes is long.

According to a Kimberly-Clark consumer research report, most consumers waste $130 trying to find the best products for their incontinence needs. Buying 8-9 packages of product before finding the right brands and fit for their needs. In order to avoid making this same mistake, consult a knowledgeable product specialist at The CareGiver Partnership, at 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 Central. These nice ladies will help you find the best products, fit, and absorbency needs, and can help you save money. In addition, The CareGiver Partnership offers over 100 sample products for just $3.49 S&H. 

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